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Aids Hilfe calls for free service «

The number of new infections is stable, but social exclusion is still a problem.

14:59, 28 November 2018

World AIDS day on December 1
World AIDS day on December 1 © Love the Wind – Fotolia

Risk groups should be Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is now available in Austria, you get free: it requires Aids Hilfe Wien (AHW). There are internationally comparable examples, AHW Chairman Wolfgang Wilhelm said on World AIDS Day on December 1.

The topic of HIV or AIDS is currently changing, Wilhelm said. Medical progress is great, but there are also new challenges. At this point, you should consider how to deal with prophylaxis. Initially this – offered in tablet form – costs about € 800 a month. Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry initiatives today are about 60 euros, but customers need to know.

But in some countries there are models they have free shipping for example, those already suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. For example, France or the Netherlands were mentioned. Even Scotland or the American city of San Francisco are pioneers: "I think we should enter this canon," Wilhelm said. In any case, he found out that the accompanying examinations should take over the health insurance.

A steady number of new diagnoses

Currently, new diagnoses remain – 2017 were 510 – Stable low-level HIV, as explained by Bernhard Benko of Division 4 (Transmission Disease, Crisis Management and Disease Control) at the Department of Health. Most are therefore still in use homosexuals or bisexuals. Overall, people living with HIV or AIDS are estimated to be just under 10.00, which means that not all infections with this virus, but only the disease that is AIDS, is required to report.

AIDS chief Wilhelm complained that social exclusionPeople with HIV still exist – although significant progress has been noted, he noted. For example, the Media Conchita ride was well received. However, there are hate shots in the social media.

Wilhelm also mentioned measures recently implemented by Aids Hilfe, such as training pharmacists for new self-tests. Also one Home testing HIV helpline was set. Of particular importance, but also work with young people, he says. It requires "emancipatory sexual education", which should be introduced nationwide, as he stressed.

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