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Anja Zeidler's training course by Anna Rosenwasser

Anja Zeidler in the video reveals she is attracted to men and women. Anna Rosenwasser, Executive Director of Lesbian Organization Switzerland (LOS), gives Schelte one of her notes.

The influence of Anja Zeidler (25) showed in a video on YouTube that she was attracted to women. "Yes, I had something with women – several times," says Zeidler. She had only relationships with men so far, and that's why she's called heterosexually. At the same time she says, "I sometimes see a woman and think, Wow, that's very attractive, I think I'm bisexual."

With bisexuality flirting for attention? Critical LOOK readers are buying conditioners from their trip only conditionally. "Yeah, be bi the hip! You stay in the conversation at any price …", writes the reader in the comments. "She's slowly forgotten so she must come up with something new to get her back to the media," is another voice.

"Many arrivals start this way"

Anna Rosenwasser (28), Executive Director of Lesbian Organization Switzerland (LOS) and self-styled "professional lesbian", greets Zeidlers Outing. "I think it's good that Anja is excluded, I think many bisexual women can understand that they are first insecure, and they immediately shout and say," I am bi! Many arrivals start this way, "says Rosenwasser. "Koketting with bisexuality is the first step of many women to find out who they really are."

Rosenwasser, however, disrupts the trip that Zeidler identified at the same time as hetero and bisexual. "It is a bit contradictory, and it serves as a cliché of bisexual women who have many heterosexual men," he explains. This would particularly point to video comments that talk about sex with three. "Bisexuality is not perceived as an independent identity but becomes a fetish of heterosexual men who dream of sex with two women at one time."

"He does not have to warn his colleague"

Rosenwasser sees the video critically: When Zeidler tells her colleague Sophie Thiel (23) that she teases women, she adds, "Do not be afraid!" Error thinking about Rosenwasser. "She does not need to warn her colleague, which is unnecessary and has been formulated by Anja very unhappy, just because a woman finds other women attractive, does not mean it becomes annoying, which supports the perception that women feel uncomfortable in the presence of bisexual or gay women.

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