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App-Test: Signal –

How does a secure messenger signal really work? We'll show you the first steps.

In a commentary on the Messenger Wire test, the reader asked why we're bringing anything through Signal (Android, iOS, Desktop). A good question, we thought, and briefly describe the first steps in using this messenger.

With Signal you can make free phone calls, write (voice) messages, create groups, and send multimedia content and documents – as is known from WhatsApp, Threema and Wire. Also, with this messenger, communication is encrypted from the end. Signal is free and no ads. The source code is an open source, so for every freely available and variable. The signal uses your existing phone number and directory as usual.

Messenger was developed by American Open Whisper Systems. Website and support are unfortunately only available in English.

First steps with signal

Download the App Messenger signal. Signal is available for Android and iOS smartphone operating systems. The desktop version is available for Windows, MacOS, and Debian. You are verifying your phone number. Enter the verification code into the application and click OK. That is all.

This is what the conversation looks like in the signal (right)

(Source: cm / NMGZ)

If you allow the app to access your contacts (you'll be asked automatically), you'll quickly see who's using your friends' signal. As with other common Messenger apps, you can also invite them to the app.

In the open application, click the button at the bottom right pencilIcon for writing a message. Now you will see a list of your contacts (if you have given your consent) to use the signal.

Your chats will be listed in the basic view of the app as normal. Open a conversation to find out how Threema and WhatsApp work callSymbol. Below is also a 1: 1 view: a smiley left box, a camera, a sound recording icon, and a plus button for sending pictures, files, and more.

Anyone familiar with WhatsApp or Threema will get used to Signal quickly.

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