Bayern: Brazzo Talks About Nübel

During the weekSport1Detecting Bayern's interest in Schalke's goalkeeper Alexander Nübel. ,picture"Put it on top and announced that Munich has 22-year-old children in the sights last summer.

Hasan Salihamidzic responded to the staff on Saturday. "How many players are connected to me, I have to really smile sometimes"The sports director of Bayern said 1-0 against Werder Bremen."

Kovac smiles

Niko Kovac pointed to Salihamidzic with a smile on Thursday when he asked him about Nübel. "This is the task of Brazza. Therefore, I will not comment on this. Because then you can interpret me wrong", Said the coach."

The Nübels Treaty on Schalke ends in 2020. There are currently no enlargement negotiations. Consultant Stefan Backs admittedSport1Look deep: & # 39;If Schalke generated a big transfer fee with Alex, as well as with Neuer, the club would do a good deal. "

And besides: "Schalke had months to talk and not. What a good right club. Now is a bad time for us. What is our right"Poker Contract or Current Intent Change?"

Sanches requires a game of practice

Definitely Renato Sanches wants to change. The European Champion again opposed Werder for short-term use only. To the questionSport1"Whatever the summer loan, the midfielder replied:"I think yes. "

Sanches continues: "But whether the loan or sale is better? I don't know. We have one more month. I'll see what's best for me. It doesn't matter if it's in Portugal, England or Spain. I just want to play. "

Find the appropriate club

Loud,Sport illustration“Journalist Christian Falk, Munich, is currently looking for a suitable club rental for Sanches. Last season he was supposed to collect training in Swansea City. However, the attempt went really bad in the pants.

Welsh dropped out of the Premier League and Sanches barely got on the train. The next step would be to make the 21-year career really go. Paris St. Germain.

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