Beat Saber: Action rhythm game for PSVR has a meeting

Beat Saber: Action rhythm game for PSVR has a meeting

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Beat Games developers introduced the PlayStation official release date of the PlayStation VR action rhythm game "Beat Saber". Trailer and some screenshots also provide a view of the game.

"Beat Saber" will appear on November 20, 2018 for the PlayStation VR. A new trailer and pictures you can see below in the article.

The object of the game is to split beats with light riders who fly in the form of small dice. Using the symbols on the cubes you can see which lightsaber you have to swing, in which direction. Developers promise "a true rhythm experience in the fascinating, futuristic sea of ​​light and fog"

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Players can be ready for a campaign, exclusive songs, numerous accessories, legendary lights and hands-on mode. Various game modes are available:

  • Party Mode: Engage your friends and family to play them all together! Everyone can join immediately!
  • One Saber Mode: Whoever fights only with one sword must pay attention twice, because every inattention is punished.
  • Game Mode "No Arrows": As you lean with the sword, it's up to you now. Can you react quickly enough and divide the blocks properly?
  • World Ranking: Go to world rankings and compete with players around the world.

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