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Buying chefs have been producing luxury Asian rice for years

The post-boss party on the roof of the entertainment club in the capital of Vietnam, as revealed by the view of sound and vision, is one of the many trips of radical leaders of the state.

Pöstler in Mood: Party in Vietnam (Source: Blick)

According to one source, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a 100% state-owned subsidiary, and their units have repeatedly flown to Asia in recent years. The SPS has business interests.

In the economy class, there were no flights for post-top officials who, unlike ordinary staff such as Pöstler and Postbus, are growing abundantly. Rather, according to sources, cadres are allegedly always operated by a business class.

Travel costs are correspondingly high. Excursions to the far east of the post of bosses went to hundreds of thousands of francs – over the years, even in millions.

All for One: I – Post-Top Man Vollmer (post)

The delegation of the Swiss post was headed by SPS Director Jörg Vollmer. This is one of the most important mail bosses. His boss, Susanne Ruoff, is also allegedly part of the party.

Ruoff was a state giant in heavy turbulence. The scientists covered it
100 million fraudulent scandals involving subsidies for
daughter of postbus to. Ruoff had to leave, criminal authorities
are on detection.

Still incomprehensible is the Post Solutions subsidiary's party. "Pöstler Wonders: Bosses on a Luxury Trip to Vietnam – For 200,000 francs"; such subtitles bring their position again in disobedience.

How official assurance helps little. The budget for this January trip was not higher than in previous years, the spokesman said. Where is the problem?

Apparently, the post offices did not understand what he had killed. PostBus subsidiary accounting – 200,000 documents falsified under the eyes of the KPMG auditor.

Politicians in Bern are now beating. They want suicide – National elections take place at the end of autumn.

they screamed more than loud, it remains to be seen. Yet
Vice-Chairman Urs Schwaller, CVP and its key allies
not damaged by a big scandal.

The Vietnamese party could become Waterloo for post bosses. The promise of Schwaller and his colleagues that the crisis will take seriously and create a new culture for the state giant suddenly lost its credibility in a single decay.

Postmasters emphasize a reward for business-related rewards, with Swiss Post Solutions executives with global focus and big plans, spending on exploration trips no limits.

The unique relationship felt self-service mentality. It fits into the picture that the Asian chief could have placed his wife on Google at Swiss Post Solutions – at least that's what the respondent claims. Google, the main SPS customer. The post subsidiary operates Google's internal mail in Singapore.

What lost post in Asia is a secret. Local successes are "manageable," says another source. Swiss Post operates through a third company named Drake Business Solutions Asia. Why it does not appear under its own name is not clear.

Perhaps the postal managers do not want Bernese politicians to focus more closely on where the yellow industry is spreading around the world.

In any case, the pressure is increased. After the highest tax officials who meet each year for a two-day party in which the official part lasts only three hours, Freuden Reisli has now reached the post office in far-off Asia. Officials are on the way to theft of bonus bankers like castes.

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