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De Tomaso Pantera Comeback: Return with Apollo Help

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De Tomaso Pantera GR. 4, front viewPhoto by Karl-Heinz Augustin

Maybe De Tomaso Pantera is going to make a comeback. Behind De Tomaso and Apollo is the same Chinese investor who now gives first advice.

De Tomaso was an Italian sports car manufacturer with Argentinian roots. In 2012 De Tomaso went bankrupt and in 2015 the trademark rights were transferred to the Ideal TeamVenture consortium in China. The move since 2015, the Apollo car manufacturer's factory, which is about to launch a new supercar with IE.

Note over hashtag

Apollo Intensa Emozione Hypercar 2017

New V12 Hypercar from Apollo
World Premiere of Intensa Emozione (IE)

During promotional trips after the Geneva Motor Show, the masked apollo IE was complemented by the original De Tomaso Pantera, which was also masked. Original, but not spectacular. However, the De Tomaso windshield was labeled "#DTPROJECTP".

If you manage to add one and one, it could be deduced from the overall package that the Chinese are working to revive the De Tomaso brand and want to be the first to bring the new Pantera. DTPROJECTP can be integrated DE Tomaso Project Pdecompose antera. Clearly ambiguous reference to a possible new De Tomaso Pantera.

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