Ex-Raiffeisen-VR from Serna is the new woman on Gelsela side

The departure of Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel attracts Laurence de la Serna's small and medium-sized businesses to attention.

Connected in June 2017, assigned in June 2018: In fact, Laurence de la Serna came (50). He should strengthen Raiffeisen Switzerland's Board of Directors in financial and strategic matters over the years following the period of former head of Pier Vincent (62).

But then Raiffeisen announced on April 26 that de la Serna would no longer be part of Raiffeisen's reorientation – on its own initiative. The new member of the board of directors decided on 16 June that he would not be re-elected "due to changes in his professional environment and for personal reasons".

The surprise otherwise known to the Geneva woman. Especially as a mother of three children, colleagues describe her as very competent and honest. Fresh affair with Raiffeisen CEO Patrick Gisel (56), which he left prematurely on Saturday, is now paying attention to de la Serna.

Economist with aviation perceptions

Meanwhile, an economist from Western Switzerland is known primarily as a small and medium-sized businessman. In 2008, the management of the air turbine company Jean Gallay SA, based in Plan-les-Quates, Geneva's industrial zone, took over. Aviation SME employs 185 people and has a turnover of 30 million francs. More than 90 percent of them come from abroad.

The Swiss-French SME magazine "PME Magazine" told the perfectionist how proud of his team. "We do everything we can to ensure that the quality of our products is flawless." Not surprisingly, Rolls-Royce, Siemens or GE Aviation are among their customers.

At the age of 19 he studied in the USA

Serna was alone at the beginning. When she was 19, she fled to the US to study and learn American culture, she says in the PME magazine. Her Anglo-Saxon education is glad to have acquired a logical and factual way of thinking. In 1991, a young economist returned to Geneva with an MBA in finance. She got her first job at the bank.

When her children finished school, de la Serna started her career in the industry. She has taken on a few tasks with the French-Swiss companies and eventually joined Jean Gallay in 2002, whose leadership is now fully focused on leaving Raiffeisen.

The love of aviation is shared by de la Serna and Gisel partner. Gisel regularly publishes pictures in social media that show that the father of two children is a pilot hobby. Together with his colleague, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank has a two-member sports aircraft, with which he even carries commercial flights.

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