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Fire attacks on mailboxes of Solothurn SP politicians

On Saturday night, foreigners fired three mailboxes of Solothurn SP politicians. No one was hurt, but mailboxes are no longer usable.

Apparently at the same time Saturday night against 21.45 o'clock arson attacks were committed on three mailboxes in Solothurn. Influenced by the mailboxes of Lara Frey, President Juso in the canton of Solothurn, Franziska Roth, Solothurn SP cantonal president and Philipp Jenni, president of ammunition SP Solothurn.

Unknown people have placed different explosive devices in three mailboxes and set them on fire as written by Juso Canton Solothurn on Facebook. Mailboxes were no longer usable after this fire attack. As Juso writes, no one will change political activities in any way and be intimidated by any form of violence.

There was a loud thud

"About three weeks ago, we all had a large black X on our mailboxes.

When the attack on her mailbox was done, she wasn't home. “My neighbors heard a loud bang. Then they saw that my mailbox was burning. One of them immediately got water and fired a fire, he says. When her neighbors informed her, she immediately went home and alerted the police.

Franziska Roth is confident: "It must have been people who have something against our political attitude." She has also recently received various hate and phone calls. As a left man, he must count on such acts and accept them with a healthy dose of peace. However, they consider it alarming that these people even accept the possibility of being injured.

The police confirm these three incidents

Lara Frey comments on the Facebook incident: "Next time think about how many people are threatening such weak intentions!" Almost her family and her neighbors were injured. Next time you should report in a more humane way.

The Cantonal Police Solothurn confirmed fire attacks at Blick's request. "We are aware of three incidents, but we cannot provide any additional information," says Andreas Mock.

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