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From Gotthard to Bundeshaus – Heidi Z graggen catch up – News


Heidi Z graggen stands out as pragmatic. In a small mountain canton, Uri persuaded her – she now wants to win the parliament for herself.

Because she was unexpectedly placed next to Viola Amherda on the Bundesrat's CVP ticket, a 52-year-old woman waded after an interview. It is not too much for her, says Heidi Z graggen: "I ask for a high political role, people and, above all, MEPs want to know who I am."

The representative from Altdorf wants to become the first Uri federal council. The Doctor in Political Science has already attempted to jump to Berne in 2010: running for the Council of States – and was defeated. Urner CVP lost its Green Liberals position. The graggen's statement that she wants to be a governess and a councilor at the same time would probably hurt her.

A door opener for an Egyptian investor

As the biggest gratitude in Zurich is the resort of Egyptian investor Samih Sawiris. Following the abolition of the Army in Andermatt, the region lost many jobs, the inhabitants emigrated. Heidi Z Graggen, the world's largest space planer, has made this project possible, says Georg Simmen, Ursern Valley Writer.

Graffen intervened until then General Prosecutor Christoph Blocher and Andermatt voiced an exception to Lex Koller and the second domestic initiative durchgeboxt to harass some natural and environmentalists. Today, however, criticism is only behind the closed door.

In the small mountain canton, it is solidarity – Franz Steinegger, the former Uri FDP national council and party president, explains this more. "If a nun has the prospect of such a career move, do not give her a leg." In such a situation, criticism is practiced rather quietly.

When asked whether he has the form of a federal councilor, Steinegger avoids. "He is not a crisis manager who likes to make quick decisions, and he likes to call everyone on a round table, discussing it, trying to balance it, solving many problems." He did not want to say more. He is also Urner – and therefore also solidary, says Steinegger.

SEN is not entirely convinced

Graggen, who is romantically engaged with Zurich's SVP by Bruno Dobler, will take care of the immigration and foreign policy of his rival Viola Amherd. She was able to get points with SVP – but she did not convince the whole group overall.

He feels Zigggen is ready to act, says Barbara Steinemann, Zurich's National Counsel, SVP. "But in the group there are people who find their answers rather evasive and spongy." Nonetheless, SVP wants to support Zigggen.

The greens wanted to convince Urnerin of their commitment to the environment – apparently it did not succeed. "If you are a candidate for CVP or FDP, you are right that you are not the greenest, but holding the flag without anything is not possible," says Aargau National Council Irène Kälin. Green and Green Liberals do not want to decide which candidate they will support until the next week.

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