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Last week, a European network of journalists, quoting documents from the Football Leaks platform, reported Infantinos's inappropriate influence on the FIFA Code of Conduct. The revelations were attended by Tamedia's research team and Das Magazin as a Swiss partner. In addition, during his term as Secretary General of UEFA, Infantino has agreed with the Paris-Saint Germain and Manchester City top clubs during the Financial Fair Trade (FFP).

"She is not ashamed," Infanta's German news agency DPA reported on talks with club representatives in 2014. This form of talks was in the interest of UEFA. "We wanted to keep the clubs competitive and not to exclude them," Infantino continued. This is true for all 30 FFPs and not only for top clubs from Paris and Manchester. Up to 50 people were involved in the negotiations. "You can not do anything in the back room," Infantino explained.

Valais is considered to be the victim of constant defamation and will resolve any unlawful conduct. "As for FIFA, there are no illegal activities," said the head of the World Association. During his term of office "he has not lost one franc". Since joining in February 2016, he has tried to discredit him.

"Can not see anything strange"

The controversial communication with Vassilios Skouris, the head of the Ethical Chamber, in which he proposed a new code of ethics, described Infantino as a normal process. "I do not see anything strange," said Infantino, who wants to be elected for a second term at the FIFA Congress in Paris on June 6.

At the FIFA Council meeting in March in Miami, Infantino wants to reverse the heavily criticized, but not its order, to erase the term "corruption" as a crime from the Code of Ethics. "I'll make a proposal to send a clear signal," he said.

World Cup 48er in Qatar: Decision in March

According to Infantino, Florida has made various breakthroughs. The possible increase in the 48 World Cup participants in the Qatar tournament in 2022 should be corrected or canceled. However, he estimates that the likelihood of the 16-team expansion being preferred is low.

In addition, at a meeting on 14 and 15 March, Infantino is also awaiting a decision on a mega-project that supports the launch of a new club championship and a global league of nations. The working group, which was set up in October in Kigali, completed its work with him at the head.

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