House: Zürcher Kantonalbank relies on emotions

You do not have to buy a property every day. That's why the dream of a home is always an emotionally charged topic, writes The House. This is in contrast to the rich, sober real estate world where there would be a number of rooms and square meters that would have to be funded in the center. The campaign concept combines these opposites and concludes with a paycheck, "We bring you home".

At the end of 2017, Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) resumed its online presentation of mortgages and equity financing. The content server contains different landing pages with interactive tools for homeowners and all those who dreamed of becoming one.

Multi-Channel Campaign Planning is based on a five-step path that begins with property search and starts again with a mortgage extension, sale or inheritance.

For the first phase of the journey, the most recent construction reports were submitted and approved in the current state of Canton statistics in Zurich. The location of OoH promotional media has been evaluated and complemented by Aymo Mobile Targeting. For the highest range, advertising materials and other posters were posted in high traffic locations.

Responsibility at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Annina Krauer (campaign manager), Frauke Johann (marketing manager of the project), Felix Peyer (Marketing Marketing Manager), Elisabeth Griess (Project Marketing Manager), Catherine Scheitlin (Project Manager of Touchpoint Management), Alexandra Rahmová) ; Grischa Rubinick (Executive Creative Director), Sascha Borsai (Creative Text), Alia Malash (Art Director), Ritiane Da Cassia Zimmerli (Director of Artworks), Laura Jaggi (Graphic Designer), Nico Podgorny Vasella (lead consultant), Stephan Suter (Media Director), Serena Hofmann (Senior Media Consultant), Senior Media Consultant Nikolina Caleta, Luzian Storrer Senior Media Consultant). (Pd / as)

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