“I’m almost sick of this arrogance”: Ueli Maurer attacks the group initiative

“I’m almost sick of this arrogance”: Ueli Maurer attacks the group initiative

The Federal Council has seldom raised such a strong mood against an initiative that is not based on its separation. In front of the GMP base, Finance Minister Ueli Maurer distributed a video with clear words against the CSR initiative.

“Me dörfs efäng numen luut säge”: Ueli Maurer about a moralizing society that is increasingly divided into good and bad. For example, with the social responsibility initiative.

Screenshot «SVP also Lüüt»

Thanks to this group initiative, Switzerland will become a “world policeman,” said Ueli Maurer during his speech at the “SVP bi de Lüt”. She wanted Swiss law to be applied worldwide.

«With this initiative, we say: We are morally the best, we know how to do it all over the world. Everyone else is a little worse. It is not good for Switzerland to moralize around the world. “Developing countries have a different culture, history and conditions than Switzerland.

And then Maurer spoke a little angrily, “The arrogance behind this initiative makes me almost sick.” It doesn’t fit Switzerland at all and his understanding of the law.

In fact, Switzerland means security, especially in relation to other countries: it invests, it helps, it offers decent prices, it is a reliable partner. If the group’s initiative were accepted, it would “certainly create no trust,” Maurer said. “There would be a lot of uncertainty, also in relation to other countries and companies.” Switzerland would give a bad picture. “

Initiative as «legal feed»

Ueli Maurer described KVI as “legal feed”. If the answer is yes, Switzerland should expect litigation. “The initiative was presented by non-governmental organizations (NGOs),” he said. “You are based not only in Switzerland, but all over the world.” You will definitely try to sue Switzerland around the world. “

Switzerland will thus become a kind of “test object”. If it is possible to sue Swiss companies, it is also possible against all other companies. Maurer: “There is a lot of litigation, Switzerland is being abused as a negative role model – and the local situation is still not improving.”

Do companies no longer invest?

Litigation is likely to lead many companies to question whether they should continue to invest in Switzerland for the next five, ten or 20 years, Maurer said. And many companies no longer come to Switzerland. “The initiative affects Switzerland as a place of business very centrally.”

Ueli Maurer:

Ueli Maurer: “The initiative has a very central impact on Switzerland as a place to do business.”

«SVP Screenshot by Lüüt»

The same threatens developing countries. If corporations had to expect litigation everywhere, they would avoid these countries. “We want fair conditions,” Maurer said. “But you can’t apply the standards of rich, orderly Switzerland to them.” Otherwise, there is a risk that the population will lose their jobs and income. “Especially the poorest have no income anymore.”

Maurer is also against the War Material Initiative

In the interview, Ueli Maurer clearly opposed the war materials initiative. There were wrong considerations behind this, said the Minister of Finance. “Do you have to ask yourself what the weapons are for?” Everyone rushed to the statement that there were weapons to kill.

“Weapons have a completely different meaning,” Maurer said. «Weapons are used to defend the weak in society. In the event of war, those who cannot defend themselves must be protected: young, old, women. The weapon is not bad in itself. “

“There’s a board right in front of your head”

The initiative, which seeks to ban investment in armaments companies, is heading in the wrong direction. “He wants to say what’s good and what’s bad.” Making weapons is not immoral. It is immoral to stop investing in companies that contribute to defense.

In the interview, Maurer emphasized the dangers of corporate and war material initiatives during the corona crisis. “It is in this situation, where we need to preserve the economy, jobs and social security, that such stupid initiatives are coming that deepen the crisis,” he said. “It’s hasty. The board is right in front of your head. Eye relief is zero – if you support these initiatives. “

Why the GSP does not have a corona opposition policy

In the “SVP bi de Lüt” question and answer session, the viewer wanted to know why SVP does not pursue any policy of corona opposition. That doesn’t make sense, Maurer stressed. “There is a high risk of infection, people are afraid.” Distance is important. “

Maurer criticized the belief of the media and politicians in experts. And it won’t help if the “Tagesschau” from the SRF displays the latest infection data every day – “as a weather report”. At the same time, Maurer found praise for the Federal Council. “We don’t have to go against the Federal Council,” he said. “The pressure of his action is good.”

A number of speeches against the group’s initiative

The Federal Council has seldom raised such a strong mood against an initiative that is not based on its separation, as Ueli Maurer opposed a social responsibility initiative.

Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer was already clear at a meeting of online GPP delegates on October 24. «The initiators of the corporate initiative (KVI) say:« We are morally better people than the rest of the world. We want to stipulate everywhere that our law applies. “

Ueli Maurer was also clear at the Federal Council’s media conference in Corona on November 4. In a joint speech with Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga and Federal Councilor Viola Amherd, he spoke about the regulation of hardships in the corona crisis. At the same time, however, he emphasized: In this economic crisis, Switzerland simply could not afford to say yes to the group initiative.

On November 9, he even appeared in a video for the “Not Extreme UVI” committee. He says the CSR initiative can be “well-meaning”. “But in this case, well-meaning is definitely the opposite of good!”

GMP base in sight

Just a day later, on Tuesday evening, Maurer spoke with SVP’s Director of Communications Andrea Sommer for the latest issue of “SVP bi de Lüüt” – on KVI and “For a ban on funding for manufacturers of war materials”.

GMP members could ask questions to the Federal Council. It was a central speech for opponents of this initiative. According to the SRG survey of 23 October, 39% of the GPP base said yes or rather yes to the group initiative. This means that the share of yes GMP is even higher than the share of FDP (32 percent). Above all, it is too high for the initiative to be overthrown.

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