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Police operation for an armed person in Biel

In Biel, a man was rooted in the building. The police are in place.

A police operation takes place in Biel BE. Apparently an armed person lives in a building in the Bözingen district. Cantonese police in Berne confirmed LOOK with the corresponding "20 minutes" message.

The area is closed on a large area. Several police cars and van are in place, says the inhabitants of Bözingenstrasse. "It has to be a big deal, it has not happened for a long time," says the woman.

Employees of the garage must stand alone

Employees of the Mustafa garage in the neighborhood are no longer able to leave the garage. "The police are here, they told us we should not get out," one employee says.

As with the other motorcycle shop: "They did not want to let me," says the owner. Finally, the police allowed him the back door. "But they told me to lock and stay inside." (Rey / hah)

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