Prince Harry: Get rid of the Duchess Meghan! No one expected it

Meghan Markle is not as popular as her husband, Prince Harry.
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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton can easily keep their own in terms of popularity. Even when there were rumors that Prince Harry would explain the American actress, the British were feverish. Would the "party prince" eventually be happy? Would the Queen of America accept it? Finally everything turned out good. Prince Harry and his Meghan stepped out before the wedding altar and are now the first parents in the spring of 2019,

Prince Harry chose the most popular Royal

Prince Harry apparently brought this radical change in his life to dozens of plus in the people. In a recent YouGov survey, which covered approximately 3700 people, a 34-year-old woman even pushed The Queen Elizabeth II from the throne – figuratively speaking – and was voted the most popular royal. 77 percent of respondents have a good opinion of the expected father. The British describe him as sympathetic, humorous and sincere. He then comes second with 74 percent of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Separate Queen Elizabeth! Prince William in 3rd place

His brother, Prince William, would have won at least 73 percent of the votes in third place. It was bad for Kate Middleton's mother three. Not only did she end up fourth in an ungrateful way, but she was also the third best RoyalsOnly 64% of respondents chose them. It is possible that her parental leave is to blame. After all, Prince William's wife has shown little or no publicity in recent months because she was on parental leave as her youngest child, Prince Louis.

Meghan Markle unpopular with people

However, which place did Meghan Markle occupy? She is not (yet) as popular as her husband. The upcoming mother landed with 55 percent of votes in sixth place. What shame. Because one would actually expect a better result. Recently, however, the 37-year- because their three closest collaborators leftIt is quite possible that it also caused amazement among British people and left questions about their character open.

Camilla is infamous Royal

Not so well, he is considered an inaccessible heir to the throne of Prince Charles, who turns 70 in the middleNot one third (48 percent) has a positive opinion about it – came in seventh place and his wife Camilla made it only tenth with 29 percent. It was Charles's lover when he was married to Princess Diana. At that time they mocked them like "Rottweiler".

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