Rammstein on Tour 2019: Organizer Warns Of Bad Tickets! Be careful with these vendors

Enthusiasm between Rammstein– Fans: Ten years after releasing their last album "Love is for everyone" Cult band 2019 finally goes on tour again! Of the 27 events planned across Europe, there are nine in total concerts in Germany. Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Rostock, Frankfurt am Main and two double concerts in Dresden and Gelsenkirchen are on schedule. Surcharge was launched on November 8. Shortly thereafter, the Eventim ticket collapsed. Too big was Rammstein's fans. On the Facebook page, the band also announced two more concerts in Munich and Vienna.

Rammstein Tour 2019 Ticket-VVK: So fans get ahead of tickets

The members of the Berlin Fan Club "LIFAD" were lucky enough to receive tickets from Monday to Wednesday. There was an exclusive pre-booking right for them. Originally, it was also possible for non-members to spontaneously register at the fan club for an annual fee of 25 euros. This offer was withdrawn due to too much demand for several hours, how can you read the fan club pageFor all others it was therefore: be patient until Thursday and timely hit Eventim Ticket Provider at 10 o'clockBut how often with the big bands the place was completely overwhelmed by the storm.

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Rush on Rammstein Tickets: The band announces other concerts

As expected, dozens of Rammstein concerts were sold out within minutes of launching the VKK. A little later the band announced other concerts in Vienna, Munich and Paris. On our lists, we have marked this information in bold. No more Eventim tickets yet. Other concerts can be expected.

Confirmed data for "Rammstein Tour 2019" in Germany

  • 27.05.19 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen
  • 28.05.19 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen
  • 08.06.19 at the Olympic stadium in Munich
  • 09.06.19 at the Olympic stadium in Munich (Another concert already sold out)
  • 12.06.19 at the Rudolf Harbig stadium in Dresden
  • 13.06.19 at the Rudolf Harbig stadium in Dresden
  • 16.06.19 in Ostseestadion in Rostock
  • 22.06.19 at the Olympic stadium in Berlin
  • 02.07.19 in the HDI arena in Hanover
  • 13.07.19 at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt / M.

Rammstein European tour tickets are individual

European tour tickets are personalized. This means that each card is specifically tied to one person who is also strictly controlled at the time of admission. Black market trade should therefore stop. However, if you suddenly get worse or otherwise prevented, you can return your card using the fansale.de directory. The number of tickets is limited to six tickets to purchase.

Rammstein Tour 2019 Prices: That's how much the tickets cost

The first Rammstein plates have already been launched. According to "morecore.de", ticket prices may vary from city to city. You can find a summary here.

The remaining dates of the European Rocker Industrial Tour

Since tickets to Rammstein concerts are always extremely popular and are sold out fast, it may be useful to look at other Rammstein concert dates. Can a concert visit be connected with a small trip to the city?

  • 01.06.19 at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona
  • 05.06.19 at the Stade de Suisse in Bern
  • 19.06.19 in the car park in Telia, Copenhagen
  • 25.06.19 in De Kuip, Rotterdam
  • 28.06.19 in Paris La Défense Arena in Paris
  • 29.06.19 at the Paris La Défense Arena in Paris (Another Concert)
  • 06.07.19 at MK stage in Milton Keynes
  • 10.07.19 in Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels
  • 16.07.19 in Eden Arena inPrag
  • 17.07.19 in the Eden Arena in Prague
  • 20.07.19 at the Roeser Festival Grounds in Luxembourg
  • 24.07.19 at Śląski Stadium in Chorzów
  • 29.07.19 at the VTB Arena in Moscow
  • 02.08.19 at St. Petersburg Stadium in St. Petersburg
  • 06.08.19 in the Lucavsala Park in Riga
  • 10.08.19 at Ratina Stadium in Tampere,
  • 14.08.19 at the Stockholm Stadium in Stockholm
  • 18.08.19 at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo
  • 22.08.19 at the Ernst Happel stadium in Vienna
  • 23.08.19 at the Ernst Happel stadium in Vienna (Another Concert)

The concert organizer warns against personal tickets

After Rammstein interrupted all sales records with an upcoming tour, the concert organizer MCT Agentur GmbH warns against fake tickets. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the organizer asks you to take note of the following guidelines:

  • AUTHORIZED partners are exclusively CTS Eventim and München Munich Ticket! Available entry quotas at prices ranging from EUR 55.00 to EUR 105.00 plus fees are currently sold out.
  • It will receive only entry to a person whose name and surname are shown on the ticket and can be shown accordingly. All concerts have strict input controls. If the ticket is not adapted to the person requesting the admission, it will not receive the entry.
  • Any transfer of tickets is forbidden. Any refund of tickets (eg For prevention, illness, etc.) According to the conditions of the organizer of tours MCT Agency will be processed from 01.03.2019. For tickets purchased through CTS Eventim, it is exclusively through the CTS Eventim "fanSALE" (www.fansale.de) and Tickets purchased through MünchenTicket via the "Your Fair Tickets Munich" platform (www.deine-fairen-tickets.muenchen .net ).
  • All other providers offering Rammstein tickets are NOT authorized dealers. Rammstein tickets purchased do not entitle you to enter. This applies in particular to providers wiewww.viagogo.de.
  • Tickets to the Ticket Market also require special caution. These providers will know you: at overrated prices (for example, from 200 to 1000 euros), consumer platform reviews without linking to the band's website.

Concerts sold out in Germany! So you still have a chance for a ticket

With regard to possible revenue for prevention or illness, the organizer of the concert can buy tickets that have been released since 01.03.2019. These are below www.fansale.de and for Munich in addition through www.deine-fairen-tickets.muenchen.net. Again, do not wait too long!

The new Rammstein album is in the starting blocks

One can be curious if rockers from Rammstein will feature songs from their new album on their guaranteed spectacular and fiery live shows. After all, Rammstein recently announced on his website that work on the new longplayer is almost complete. The untitled album will end in the spring of 2019, a nearly ten-year loss for fans.

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