Samsung Galaxy J3, J5 and J7 2017 – Android 8 comes with the first models

Samsung * Galaxy J3, J5 and J7 2017 – Android * 8 is designed for the first models – Last year, Samsung launched the basic Galaxy J3 and J5 models in the redesigned version and equipped them with Android * 7. The owners are now, of course, asking whether there will be updates for these two models and whether they can be expected sooner or later Android * 8 will also be available for these models. For the top models of the company, there is already a corresponding version and also for the middle models of Galaxy A3 and A5, it looks quite good.

20/11/2018 – November is here and Samsung * has already begun to deliver Android 8, at least to J7. That's probably not going to be long until the other versions of the models are upgraded, though J7 would actually only get next Android 8 next year.

08/14/2018 – Samsung released an official Android 8 update plan for Galaxy J3, J5 and J7. After this time, the models will be updated to the latest version at the end of 2017. The following procedure is expected:

• Galaxy J3 (2017) – November 18
• Galaxy J5 (2017) – December 18
• Galaxy J7 (2017) – January 19
• Galaxy J7 (2016) – February 19

7.5.2018 – Officially in Turkey, there was evidence that Samsung wanted to run Android 8 for models in the middle of July. Unfortunately, this has changed in the meantime, even in Turkey. August is now listed as Galaxy update date A3, A5 and A7 (2017).

05/30/2018 -First users report that their J5 2017 update to Android Oreo 8.1 is available. However, it is not clear whether the version is already in Germany. These versions had serious mistakes on other models and had to be returned – so you should be careful with the update (as you have done).

05.01.2018 – Samsung has already canceled the Oreo update for the Galaxy S6 *, but the Galaxy J3 and J5 2017 are newer and will continue to update with the update. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when a new version will be available.

04/16/2018 – Firmware upgrade for S7 was announced on April 13 and unfortunately was not done. This probably means that updates to all other models will move a bit, Samsung users still need patience.

But in the meantime, Samsung has also announced it wants to change its corporate strategy. Emphasis will be put on expensive top models in the future and it is currently unclear how much money will still be available for equipment in lower price bands.

It took Android Android 2016 to come to market Android 7. The device was delivered with Android 6 and it came after about two years (as in the fourth quarter of 2017), an update to Android 7. At that moment, Android 8 already existed. This gives you at least the hope that the current version of the newer version also shows that as a J3 or J5 owner you have to be patient before you can expect an update.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official statement from Samsung, no matter whether this is the Android 8 smartphone, and there is no timetable on which it could eventually get closer to distribution. Currently, the company also has many in common with errors and problems with updating top models. As the owner of Galaxy J3 or J5, you can only hope that Android 8 will be available as an update, but this is not the final confirmation.

What's new in Android 8?

Android 8 will bring some new features and should be better than previous versions, especially in terms of performance and power consumption. The most important innovations are:

  • Dot notification – Application notifications will not be displayed in the future only on the previous bar, but for each application there is a small dot (dot) directly in the application icon for notifications, which means there is a notification. You can then display a notification on the screen directly with this application long press.
  • Image in Picture – With this feature, it should be possible to run two side-by-side applications in which one application is shown above the other.
  • Select smart text – In the future, Android should recognize when copying and pasting itself which areas should be tagged and these have already been selected. This disturbs the disturbing markings, which can often be disturbed by small controls.
  • Auto-fill with Google – The AutoFill feature * (for example, for passwords) has now been approved for Android O, making it even easier to fill out forms or sign up.

It is unclear whether the Trebble project will track an update device. This would make future updates easier, but if Samsung does not plan any further updates for these models, you can do without that change.

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