Selena Gomez leaves the psychiatric hospital – the stars

Pop star, Selena Gomez, went into psychiatric treatment in early October after experiencing "emotional collapse" and had to be hospitalized several times for her lupus illness. Selena after kidney transplantation had some health complications, so a 26-year-old man decided to seek professional help.

Gomez is better

Now an insider's message reports "E! Messages" that the musician finally got a new strength: "Selena completed her treatment program in New York and felt much better." However, a pretty brunette is not yet 100 percent and she should be careful: "She feels refreshed and her head is looser, but she goes to a doctor regularly because she still fights for her health."

Fans will probably no longer hear a singer. As he adds, he wants to "Stay within reach" and be "is not ready to work at the heels".

Singer announced a break in the social media

Gomez announced her time limit shortly before she began a nervous breakdown in Instagram. Again, as I am grateful for the voice of the social media, I am also grateful for having come to life and lived the moment I was given it. "explained her decision to concentrate on her mental health.

Selena Gomez is "Woman of the Year"

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