Silent Moutier Autonomists Moutier

5000 to 10,000 followers of the cantonal change from Moutier to the canton of the Jury moved quietly across the city on Friday night. They protested against the cancellation of the municipal vote for the account.

The rally started at 19:15 at Moutier Station. Several thousand people took part in it. Keystone-SDA estimated their number to 5,000 to 7,000. The organizers spoke from 9,000 to 11,000.

The participants of the rally appeared with a narrow mouth above the mouth. They wanted to prove that democracy was not respected when the municipal vote was abolished for the amendment of the law. The Rally train led across town to the Town Hall. There, the proponents of canton change held speech.

Mayor Marcel Winnistoerfer (CVP) described the invalidation as an abuse of power by Canton Bern. The march was an expression of democratic concern among the people. Anne Froidevaux, chairwoman of the Jura Cantonal Parliament, called on the people gathered to make the Jura canton change in the municipal elections held on November 25.

Four days ago, Governor Stéphanie Niederhauser abolished the vote of 18 June 2017 on the cantonal change of Moutiers. At that time, the result of voting was narrowly to change from Canton of Bern to Canton of Jura with 137 votes for. The Pro-Jurassic autonomists celebrated their victory as historic.

Bertreuen is totally different. They filed various complaints against the vote, among other things because of the suspicion of voter mockery. The carmakers reacted horribly to the cancellation of the first appeal.

The silent march was the first major step following the Governor's decision. Of course it has brought joy among believers. You have not yet scheduled any action.

In addition to events and gatherings, the population of the city, which has 8,000 inhabitants, is anxiously awaiting the way complaints about voting continue to widen. Originally, both sides announced that they would decide from the governor in their bankruptcy to a federal court. Now the autonomists want to examine the situation carefully. It is important to act quickly, but not prematurely, holding fast.

The interviews are likely to move forward quickly because the way to the federal court is a long lead time first through the Bernanlic Administrative Court. The chances of moving must be weighed. There is another option in the interview: the implementation of a new vote. At best, the situation could be unblocked.

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