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Stix and Sonja love sex

After 23 years, the married couple are married. For their relationship not only to work perfectly on the stage, they both have ten love rules.

Deepen charts. At the moment, Stixi & Sonja is in fourth place with the new Vero Amore song – true love – at only three places behind the successful male band voXXclub on the German radio charts. It's the love Sonja wrote and folded. In order not only to align themselves on the stage but also to keep a wedding, they have their own ten love and relationship rules that reveal LOOK:

Speak is silver, silence is gold. This is not always the right thing to do. Only when a person says what they think and feel, the partner knows about it and can adapt to it – even if it hurts.

Even when it seems paradoxical, it's sometimes a better solution. Because it sometimes says more than a thousand words.

An argument is part of a relationship and can be beneficial. We fight fairly and try to remain objective and do not harm our partner in the worst case. Our greatest points of friction are in the education of our son Roya. Sonja has a much looser relationship with Stix. In addition, Stixi likes to walk on foot, while Sonja and our son are more of a cane potato.

What could be better than celebrating reconciliation? It can be delicious food, delicious aperitifs or passionate sex.

We competently approve each other and show each other mutual interest and desire.

There is no claim to ownership. Crusaders often arise when the relationship is overwhelmed by excessively high expectations. We think it is very important that the partner is not owned. You can not "have" a partner, you simply love him unconditionally.

Nobody is perfect. Weaknesses and silly habits should sooner or later be simply accepted and accepted.

Give yourself every day the chance to be the best and enjoy it together.

Children are the most important and important thing that is happening in life. The relationship and your own dreams may still have a firm place in your heart.

After a few years, one feels that there is nothing that has not been tried yet. But sexual fantasies can change over time and there are always new things that you can experience and try together. It is important to talk about it openly and honestly.

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