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Super Bowl: Is it the last game for Tom Brady?

Tom Brady (41) stands at night on Monday for the ninth time in his Super Bowl career. Will it be his last performance in the NFL?

He's just greedy. Tom Brady, fighter of New England Patriots, is in the ninth time at the Super Bowl. It is for the third consecutive time that he plays with the Boston team as the most important trophy in American football. His goal is clear: he plans to count sixth time in the Vince Lombard Trophy career at midday night in Atlanta.

Brady is a sign of Patriot dominion, who have no place in the American sports world. Along with successful coach Bill Belichich from the beginning of the millennium he formed the league like no other. Directed by Brady, the Patriots won the trophy five times and was chosen by the MVP three times in his career, the season being the most valuable player.

Is it the last game of Brady?

But even Tom Brady does not get younger. Meanwhile, 12 Patriots are 41 years old. For NFL players, he is proud. The question fans and the media always ask: how long will they be?

In an interview with US sports ESPN, Jeff Darlington asks the husband of the supermodel husband Gisela B√ľndchen: "Is there a chance that you will be removed after the Super Bowl?"

Brady rises his hand without hesitation, circles his thumb and forefinger, laughs cheerfully and says, "Zero Chance." The words that make fans of American football around the world are breathing relief. After all, Brady is a living legend and the new English patriots without him are no longer the star that has been in the past 20 years.

The legitimate question is also: Why should he stop? With his team still playing at the top of the league, his performances on the pitch are still above average. You want a towel? The best player of all time (currently) is in no doubt.

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