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The forehead almost kills a one-year-old girl – the terrible reason behind that

She was kissed on her forehead – and then had to fight for the clinic for four days: One year old from Britain almost died of this widespread virus.

Each parent's nightmare: The actual baby must be treated at the clinic for a dangerous illness. Brogan Thomas and Connor Merritt of Darlington, Great Britain, have just experienced this – because of the harmless gesture of affection. When one-year-old Kaylah Merritt kept crying and having rashes, her parents took her to the hospital.

A herpes kiss may be fatal to the newborn

Sometimes it quickly came out of what a little girl was suffering from: a purple rash all over her body and the pain a little girl had, treating doctors attributable to herpes simplex virus infectionThe amazing thing is that two out of three people are estimated to have herpesvirus infection. However, many do not notice it because it does not notice any symptoms due to the intact immune system. However, little Kaylah has developed a life-threatening reaction to the virus because its immune system has not yet been fully developed.

Prerequisite physicians: A kiss from her relatives infected with herpes virus left Kaylah sick, Parents Little Girl Warn Before kissing little kids on the British news portal The Daily Mail. "I want other parents to know they do not have to be physically ill to harm the baby – they can be the virus without realizing it," says the mother of one year. A kiss may be fatal to children if herpes is infected.

Meanwhile, Kaylah Merritt is stable, four days out of hospital. But there is not a toddler at the dam yet. One month after release, he or she must take daily medication,

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What is Herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus. Adults who are infected often do not notice at all because the outbreak of infection is in most cases suppressed by the intact immune system. Herpes like Eyebrows often break down when stress or infection weakens the defense,

Children can not only be infected by adult buses but also by their mother Genital herpes for the first time in the last weeks of pregnancy There is a risk that the child is infected.

In adults, it often helps to simply detect an infection. Antiviral drugs are usually used only in severe cases. However, in infants, the doctor must always be consulted as quickly as possible,

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