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This is how Florian Silbereisen shoots a dream ship

Guests on the "dream boat" think that Florian Silbereisen is a "real" ship employee. This is what his colleague Joko Winterscheidt tells in his podcast.

Florian Silbereisen (37) stands in front of the camera for several weeks on the new "Traumschiff" episodes. He embodies Captain Max Prager. Moderator Joko Winterscheidt (40, "The Nanny") in their podcast "All the Roads Lead to Fame" to ensure that the uniform provides some confusion.

As a result of the man for the "dream ship" Winterscheidt had a guest appearance at the show. Twist in the story of the "dream ship", which primarily disturbs the old crew.

Silbereisen finds that confusion is strange

But how can this strange confusion arise? "Dream Ship" does not merely water with actors. In fact, it is a normal cruise ship for guests to book. No wonder TV uniforms are also considered employees.

Winterscheidt says, "Flo is in the captain's wardrobe on board and people are always asking him." That's very cute. "Especially Silbereisen finds that this confusion is strange. Winterscheidt continues to chat: "He always comes in and says," They just asked me if they could smoke. I don't know.> »(Paf)

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