Viola Amherd presents itself as a bridge builder – Switzerland: Standard

As the successor candidate for federal councilor Doris Leuthard has become Viola Amherd which was introduced on Thursday in Brig VS media. The Valais council of the Valais is considered to be the bridge with the necessary tools for entering the state administration.

She had thought long and hard before she got into the race on the empty seat of the federal council, she said. "It was a lot of conversation in my environment and my side, as well as the positive feedback from people and politics that encouraged me to my office."

56-year-old Upper Walachian wants to use its "broad network of business, politics and governance for the good of the country," she said. By political work, it means to gain knowledge about achievements, dialogue, disputes, persuasion and exchange with the population.

Career started at the local council

A trained lawyer began his political career in 1992 with elections to the Brig Council. Four years later, she became vice president of the city and president of 2000, an office she held until 2012.

2005 Amherd was elected to the National Council. She replaced Jean-Michel Cina, who was elected to the Valais State Council. Her candidacy for the federal council was officially announced on 24 October by Amherd – due to her hospital stay in the Communiqué. (Sep / SDA)

Created: 08.11.2018, 12:27 o'clock

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