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Who wants to become a national manager?

Finding the best Nati administrator seems difficult. Spycher does not even want Gerber. Heitz is not available.

In the middle Christoph Spycher (40) leaves the cat out of his bag. "We will continue on the road with YB and I am not available for Nati manager," says YB Sports Director. Spycher was considered one of the favorites for the newly created Nati manager in the Swiss Football Association.

In addition to Spycheros, the names of Peter Knäbel (52), Adrian Knup (50), Andres Gerber (45), Alain Sutter (51) and Fredy Bickel (53) were on the list of candidates published by BLICK in December. The agency of the former Basel bosses, Bernhard Heusler and George Heits, has been tasked with pretending that candidates will be interested in prestigious work.

«My heart chose YB»

Spycher gives SFV a denial. And even with Mr Andres Gerber, the board of directors – composed of retiring President Peter Gilliéron, president of the Heinrich Schifferle and Ancilla Canepa (league) leagues – no longer has to speak. Gerber has long explained to Spycher that he is not interested in the work of Nati manager.

«We want the best»

The question remains: who wants to become a national manager? And when is it determined? SFV Secretary General Robert Breiter: "We'll soon decide, but we want the best, it does not matter if it still takes some time." For many, Georg Heitz was considered a desirable candidate except for Spyker. But the former FCB sports director is out of the race. More specifically, he never took part, even though his name fell more often. Because he created a job profile and the first candidates for an interview with Heusler, he is not even available.

And the taste? He just canceled his tents in Switzerland, gave up his Swiss mobile number and moved to Germany. Knäbel feels very comfortable as an SRF expert and Technical Director of Schalke. And he does not seem to want to move right away.

If no new candidates are assigned during a useful period, they remain on the Sutter list, Sports Director of St. Petersburg. Gallen FC, Knup (Chief Sports Officer SFL) and Bickel, who recently renewed his contract as Sport Director in Rapid Wien.

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