Yasin Ehliz before the DEL debut for EHC Red Bull Munich against Wild Wings

Yasin Ehliz tries to eliminate the theme of excitement as best he can. "Sure," says New Munich, sometimes unpleasant comments after returning from a failed adventure in North America did not leave him cold.

But: "I made my statement in social networks that he thanked me in Nuremberg, and that's why he's good for me."

But that's not good for all. Very rarely the change in German ice hockey has been emotionalized in a way like Ehlis from Calgary Flames to the DEL commander of the last three years. Because the Turkish ice tigers Thomas Sabo of Nuremberg were a firm precondition: If Ehliz returns soon, then only them. So it was discussed. Instead, Ehlis does not see clearly with his consultant Klaus Hill.

Ehliz: "I want to become a master"

Ehliz himself tries to capture the problems as quickly as possible and looks ahead. "I want to become a champion and I have a great team in Munich." I had a lot of conversations with Christian Winkler (Executive Director of EHC Red Bull in Munich, note d. Red) and coach Don Jackson and had a good feeling. In addition, I am now close to my home country, "explains his 25-year decision for Munich Sport1,

Before the Olympic hero of Pyeongchang now on Thursday in Schwenningen for the first time for the EHC (DEL: Schwenninger Wild Wings – EHC Red Bull Munich on Thursday at 19.30 in LIVETICKER) runs, it is in contradiction with the statement.

It will not take long until December 7, when Bad Tölzer in Turkey competes with Munich in Nuremberg – and you can imagine which topic will be the focus of attention. "Maybe somewhat calmed down," Ehliz hopes.

In addition to these background noise, Ehliz wants to get his leg again. For the dream NHL has become a nightmare for national players.

Degradation and lack of time in Calgary

"You can not really rely on being able to jump into the NHL, so I was about to get into the AHL, so it happened, but then I was not allowed to play too much." I played only four matches and after interviewing the manager and the coach the team decided that it would be better to return to Germany, "writes Pyeongchang's silver medalist, summing up unsatisfactory weeks on the other side of the pond,

The hockey situation in Mecca became hopeless in a couple of weeks: "I did not think I had a chance to win because our team was big and I felt it was more likely to be on other players. I thought it would be to continue all year round, I'd like to come back and play as much as possible, so every player wants. "

In particular, the lack of communication within the organization has caused the fighter and the ice crew to create: "Before the change, I was told that there was little talk in the US, so it was with the coach that got better, but when you do not get active you do not talk much. "

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Ehliz enforces termination of the contract

After weeks of radio silence on coaches and leadership, unsatisfactory speeches in the fourth row at Stockton Heat, AHL Flames AHL, and temporary exile on stalls, Ehliz pulled out a ripcord – and used a more commonly used trick: Stockton's master game without justification was the immediate end of the contract .

In Munich, Ehliz now wants his first championship title, which has never been enough in Nuremberg. And the NHL dream? For the talented wing, he is far away: "If I had the chance to get the NHL again, I would have tried it again," says Ehliz Sport1Conversational war.

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