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2/1 Constellation Name: Color can change angle more smoothly! Daily Consolidation Evolution 2.0 | Life Discovery | Niu News niusnews

Bai Yu: "Planning will help us to see our coordinates at any time."

Is luck today good? If you modify it, ask the healing astrologer Bai Yu to tell you the first three constellations of the best of everyday life and the three highest constellations "Best in Life, Not Happiness" to Know Who the Proximity Which Should Be Removed!(big mistake)

Heeler's primary goal

Aries: "Playing energy, creating wealth"

Lucky color: dark blue.

Suitable for: rational expression.

Not suitable: violent.

Lucky color of today is dark blue. Today you can change your own ideas, start from another angle, do things well, and you will lay a smooth path for yourself.


Lucky color: black.

Appropriate: Respect your partner or the other half.

Not suitable: you do not require performance.

Lucky Gemini color is black today. Today you can bring the greatest support to your partner or the other half, they are also your lucky star.


Lucky color: blue.

Suitable for: Tell your own ideas.

Inappropriate: No action.

Lucky color The shooter is blue today. Today you have to act according to your ideas. In this process you will find unexpected ways to do what you want to do.



Lucky color: orange.

Suitable for: You feel.

Inappropriate: an attitude of escape.

Lucky Aquarius color is now orange. Today you need a little time to be alone, think about what you are thinking and planning for. It's so difficult to solve without fantasy.


Lucky color: red.

Suitable for: Understanding your situation.

Inappropriate: no idea.

Lucky color of Capricorn is red today. Today you have to look at yourself a little bit more and be strict with yourself so it will not work for it.


Lucky color: light blue.

Appropriate: Play your skills.

Not suitable: cold mentality.

Lucky color Fish is light blue today. In some cases, if you see it, you have to say it. The standing at the edge of the company will put you on the wrong path of cooperation.



Lucky color: light green.

Suitable for: Say your wishes.

Unsuitable: suppress yourself.

The happy color of Taurus is now light green. What is your desire in your heart recently? Until you have prepared in advance, tell them aloud, you have the opportunity to think about things!


Lucky color: violet.

Suitable for: chat.

Not suitable: no conclusions.

Today, cancer has a happy color. Check out your intimate partner who has been talking for the last few days, talk about your beginnings, your relationship will start a new phase.


Lucky color: green.

Suitable for: care for your life.

Not suitable: no destination.

Lea's color is green today. Details of the life and work you've been looking after recently and others will envy your ability to organize well.


Lucky color: yellow.

Suitable for: Playable.

Not suitable: hidden.

The Lucky Color of the Virgin is now yellow. What skills and issues have you prepared a while ago? You can start playing and use these results recently!


Lucky color: white.

Suitable for: precipitation aging.

Inappropriate: Not common.

The merry colors of today's Libra are white. You have been able to tell your heart clearly to the other side recently and the relationship between you is very good!


Lucky color: pink.

Suitable for: more interactions.

Inappropriate: No action.

The color of Scorpio is now pink. I want to do anything recently. As long as your people may appear, negotiations, discussions, executions and interoperability are disadvantageous!

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