"Blood Kill 2" story of director finds "naked" secret skills, but also bloody wash city residents can practice | 4Gamers

Maybe most fans of "Red Dead Redemption 2" are interested in coming online, but this message will surely attract your attention. Correctly, some players have discovered a secret skill that makes Arthur completely "naked."

According to S10Px, not sharing sharing in Reddit, he found inspiration from the gameplay of previous Grand Theft Auto 5 because the video he provided containedPlaying the spoiler endsfrom

Do not forget that players who are not completely messed up when trying.In addition, do not forget to archive before using, because the use of secrets is the price.

First, to get this secret, you first have to travel to Van Horn, where you pay 25 cents a bath, but you do not go to the bathroom but first go to town to bring all the people of Van Horn Kill light, you will not have a reward for a blood sacrifice .

Second, go back to the front of the spa, go to the first person scene, turn the railing in front of the spa corner, and go through the BUG to the bathroom without running the Cutscene.

Third, throw the bottle in the bathroom in the bathroom, then open the door to start the scene, and let Arthur bathe in the fire. Right, when you take a shower, you burn it because of a burning bottle.

Fourthly, after death and resurrection, Arthur is naked. Although Arthur's clothes disappeared, the prize was that all the things you collected so far vanished and Arthur's "big brother" vanished.

And finally you go north to Annesburg and find a passerby to open the plane and get arrested. When you are released from prison, you can pause "naked" progress.

We do not want to mention why the S10Px brain can play this bug and it's ridiculous, but ridiculous that Arthur's naked image is everywhere in western cities, but that does not cause the NPC's "special reaction."

To try a friend, remember to archive it first.

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