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Water in water tested 24 condoms on the market and found that there are 20 "high quality" condoms that consumers believe can be used with confidence. (Foto Cheng Zhiyuan)

Valentine's Day comes, makes safe sex can avoid AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, and condoms are naturally quite good. However, some condoms on the market are designed to achieve a high contraceptive effect, prolong ejaculation time, and add chemicals such as spermicides, anesthetics, lubricants, etc. But the ingredients can be sensitized or even carcinogenic. Biotech Water Silver (International) tested 24 condoms on the market and found that 20 condomes are of superior quality, gynecologists recall that the choice of condoms should choose quality and reliable brands and pay attention to product labels, it is recommended to use the only condom is the safest.

Silver in the water tested 24 condoms earlier and found that two condom samples produced in the UK and Thailand failed to successfully pass a test of chronic poison (hormonal tests) of carp embryos and found that acute poison, a high level of 20 and 40 times. "Estrogen-like hormones" can cause health problems such as decreased fertility, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. The quality of the other two condoms is only qualified, the remaining 20 condoms are rated as excellent, including internationally recognized brands such as Durex, Sagami, Okamoto, Wonder (Wonder) Life, JJ,

Silver in water means that condom raw materials can be divided into three categories, including natural rubber, natural rubber and polyurethane (PU). In recent years, many condom manufacturers have advertised their products as "slippery", "common thin", "invisible and thin", "durable", etc. Some products added fruit to improve the overall sensory effect. However, regardless of whether the condoms are really safe, they have to pay attention to total toxicity and safety in addition to their leakproof and tamper resistant tests. Excessive intake of chemical components can cause various human diseases.

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Chen Shaohui said condoms had a successful contraception rate of only 82%. Common problems with condom use include internal and external transmission, inappropriate size, and optimal use time, adding inappropriate lubrication products leads to discontinuation of condoms. You have the opportunity to reduce the effectiveness of contraception.

Chen Shaohui has continued, in recent years, condoms change every day, not only in different colors, but also with fragrance and efficiency. Dr. Chen said that many patients report that they will become prone and discomfort after contact with condoms, which may include exposure to certain irritating condoms. Therefore, it is recommended that patients choose other brands or product types to try further. Different components of the condom are different.

Dr. Chen also recalled that when choosing a condom, you should use a good and reliable brand. At the same time, you should pay more attention to the product label and use one condom, because the more chemicals it contains, the more allergens it contains.


Among them there are 10 quality condoms.


Another 10 quality condoms.

The more condoms work, the less secure it is. Expert: may cause swelling of the genitals or vaginitis

Two expensive condoms are up to 40x more acute than standard, one containing an anesthetic that can cause serious sensitivity.

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