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The house of the deer home team was quiet, the 26-year-old Kyrie Irving just finished her last season match with her Celtic. No one knows if it will be the last battle of Irving in the heavenly shirt.

Irving stood up and clapped his teammate's hands and was about to take a shower, but accidentally crashed into the ice bucket on the ground. The sound "砰" caused the heart of each heart to suddenly tighten.

This is an unsatisfactory ending, for Irving it is also a bad game. After the third part of the series, Irving, who made 8 out of 22 shots, promised to say, "You won't see another 8 out of 22 shots …" of 21 shots.

Looking at the data itself, the Irving series averaged 20.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists, but it didn't seem so bad, but its percentage and three-point shooting was only 35.6% and 21.9%, respectively. . More importantly, as an Aces star, number one attacker and attack starting point, Irving seems to have no way to counter the opponent's defense, which also directly affects the Celtic team's system operation. After the first win of the game, the opponents firmly suppressed four more matches.

In this round of the series, a wave of public opinion has almost helped Irving be qualitative – he is not suitable for leader being, or the second home is more appropriate.

Former Celtic player Kendrick Perkins said: “I think Irving is a good player. He made it and won the championship. But is he a team star? It's LeBron James, Kevin Durant. Star of this level: Letter brother is a superstar, picked up a male deer, Irving is a huge challenge for Celtic, but I don't think he's Batman.

I don't know if Irving really understands James at this point?

In fact, as in the middle of the season, Irving called James. He said to James, "I was still young and made a few mistakes. I didn't look any further like you …" It was a routine and the highly anticipated Celtic walked all the way. Stumbling, Irving, while suffering from the enormous pressure of opinion, also felt difficulties being a leader.

Irving was really nervous at the time and publicly accused the young players of the team of not knowing how to become champions. Teammates aren't happy, I'm afraid I'm thinking, "Yes! You won the championship, didn't we take it, but is it the master you got?" It is not yet finished, Irving then pointed at him with his finger. Head coach Brad Stevens complained for the first time that he hadn't helped him set up a tactic when he was in lore, and later said that Stevens' ability to adapt was too bad and the double team was not included in the double team.

During the playoffs, Irving took the initiative to show his teammates their attitude and expressed their willingness to unite with everyone. However, the apparent gap in power still left them under the Gonglu sword without much tension. Everyone wonders last year they didn't have Irving, Celtic played so well, almost entered the championship, as Irving won't be able to return, is it really a "team cancer"?

The green army has lost, naturally can not leave all Irving man errors back, after all, this season the deer stag and last year is far from the same day. In fact, in the last two seasons, with the Celtic adjustment, Irving has improved, and his opinion and defense have improved to varying degrees. But he was never able to play as a true leader, regardless of his ability or mentality.

At the beginning of the season, Irving released his hobby and felt that the Celtic season had power and warriors. Looking at the talent and configuration of this team, Irving's position does not seem to be an idiot. Irving is full of ambition – last year, which team can hit the East, plus my super giant, the championship is within reach.

However, there are not so many things in this world that can be taken for granted, if you have not experienced many things, you will never feel how hard it will be. With Irving, the team has an absolute core, and key moments must start from you and your opponent's defensive focus will be added to you. What if you can't attack? With Irving, the other teammates' rights will be reduced relatively, and if they win if they lose and do not have many opportunities, what should they do if they are dissatisfied? I have a temper with Irving, but every day you complain about what you should do if your teammates disagree with you?

It's not that Irving didn't think about these problems at all. But you will never experience it, never realize it, just as a child who does not become a parent can never fully understand your parents.

Certainly there is dissatisfaction in Irving's heart, I can't blame myself, recognize it! But blame me for losing the ball? But this world is so realistic and cruel, you want to be a leader, you do not want to live under the wings of the last leader of James, you will become a leader in Boston, you have the money, you have the most suitable, the most popular. When it comes to criticism, it will definitely come to you!

Irving's play is really full of creativity, his passing has improved, but his dominance and ability to create opportunities still can't reach the top of the team leader. When it came time to go, he couldn't control the game. In this round of the series, Irving's three-point goal goal was only 22%, only seven. For a guard with a height of only 190 cm, what changes in the game?

The result of the disastrous defeat has not changed and Irving is now faced with the dilemma of staying.

When Irving insisted on leaving Cavaliers, he decided to become a "live hero" and embarked on his own heroes. Everyone thinks Irving has the courage to know that he is a human, and superstars are in a hurry to embrace this group and want to create their own power with their own power. But now, Irving must be very clear about the reality. If this Celtic does not receive another superstar in the future, it will be difficult to compete with deer in the eastern district in a short time.

Marcus Morris has a great chance to leave, Terry Rozier has always wanted to go to a team that can start alone, Al Horford can stay but is a year older. Although Danny Ainge still holds three first moves, but in the summer he wants to win a superstar, you need to send Jayson Tatum and maybe Jaylen Brown. Everyone knows that Ainge's wrist is good, but no one is sure who can finally replace Ainge.

Before the season, Irving had eloquently stated that he would renew the contract with Seltic, after almost four months, Irving's attitude was: "I asked again on July 1 (open market question), I do not owe anyone. "If Irving goes to the Lakers, he can join James. If you are Irving, are you willing to remain in a sad heart with countless doubts, looking forward to joining the superstar, or with the initiative of leaving the opportunity to join forces with other superstars?

You don't seem to be able to meet your own lonely hero.

Of course, there is also a possibility to connect with the current motorboat with a sufficient salary and a very mature team structure. Steve Ballmer waits for the superstar to join, allowing the team to enter the ranks of the crown. But the one who came to the motorboat should also be the team leader, a Batman-style player. Will she choose Irving's way?

At a press conference after the season, Irving said, "To be honest, I want to fly safely back to Boston, enjoy time with my friends and family, relieve pressure and do what ordinary people should do."

Everyone is a common man, but some people are doomed to be common. If Irving understood it, it wasn't far from understanding him.

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