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"League Legend" SKT before duo duo Bang and Wolf farewell to the film talk of pressure and tide after championship, "League of Legends"

The SKT T1 team, who won the League of Legends World Championship, left the famous double duo Bang and Wolf today to part with the film. Bang and Wolf reviewed the process of joining SKT T1 in an interview. SKT's pressure to win the World Championship and the subsequent outflow and other mental paths.

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    Bang and Wolf (source: SKT fans)

Bang and Wolf both stayed with Najin Shield and later met at SKT. Wolf said Bang could be said to be his rescuer. "When he left Najin Shield, he told Bang he wanted to go to another team." Bang returned to himself. Say: "Do not do it, come with me to SKT!" Thank God he really thanked him for doing it to him.

Bang said that after leaving the Xenics Blast team, he felt he had to ask for the status of SKT T1 AD. At that time, although there were many teams, SKT T1 was considered a well-known team. You usually try to see your role together. It's not as a helper, and AD will be tested separately. At that time, the path is usually done in a two-component combination. Despite hard competition at the time, he thought Wolf would be good enough to be accepted, and so he said to Wolf: "If we go together to SKT, our lives will change completely." This is how they connect together to SKT. And becoming a member of the S. Wolf team said that when they became professional players, they were friends and he was really happy to be able to cooperate again at SKT.

After recalling that he joined the SKT T1 S team, Bang said that when Team S and Team K joined, coach Kkoma told them to take every opportunity. When Wolf used Annie to play well during the game, coach Kkoma said: He did it and admitted to Wolf. Wolf said he did not know how to play the game in his own way, and did not even know what to do to win the game. He remembered that coach Kakom asked himself, "What are you doing?" This is the first time that it was. Strict reaction, although it is hard to hate, made it progressively better and used various ideas to watch the game. He really believes that Kkoma says, "I'm telling you to play better." After realizing it, he began to use heroes like Alexa very well, and he felt he had really improved. Until today, when new members join the team, coach Kkoma encourages players to say, "Do not be afraid." At that time, Wolf returned at the beginning.

Bang said that whenever he thinks it, he feels very important. He feels that a player can get the instructor's exact instructions because the League of Legends is changing, it is necessary to continually absorb feedback. Until today, he still recalls the feeling that he has received valuable feedback for the first time.

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Regarding the fact that SKT T1 was considered a global team in 2015 and 2016, Bang said he did not feel pressure and burden in 2015. He said that many fans think their players will love the season, because during this period they played very well and won many awards, but if they wanted to come back then they decided not to return. It was really hard when they achieved many successes, how much they did, every action and the CS gave them tremendous pressure, but because they had invested so much, they knew their victory was one. Before the World Cup finals, they had dinner with coach Kkoma and said, "If we lose, it makes no sense, and if we lose, we will leave us for God." He was sure they would win.

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He said that when he joined in 2016, he felt pressured to be a world-class team. They had to work hard to meet the expectations of the SKT fans, and they were very hard working to achieve them. When the performance of the Spring of 2016 was not very good, they were criticized and even wanted to say why someone was cursing like that. On that day, he actually began to feel the "shoulder burden" that professional players said.

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The Wolf said they were shaking hard in 2015, and there was not much experience of winning in the past, so they did not feel pressure to become a "world class", and they felt that the outcome of this year was the same as it was prepared. But in 2016 they worked hard as they did in 2015. When they began to lose a few games, he asked, "Why is it?" "We are ready as last year." "Is there any difference?" "Why are you so closed?" For this reason, they did the best and weep.

Bang said that in reality, the bad men are as good as good boys, but he was more vulnerable at that time, and he only saw negative remarks, because at that time he had never experienced such a situation and felt it was too early. He got to the crown and personally received psychological counseling at the beginning of 2016 and began to accept that he was not perfect. Perhaps the fans consider him a perfect person, but he also wants to change the views of the fans, he also believes Being criticized or defiled is inevitable. Wolf said he believes the proportion of criticism is rather small, but criticism is likely to attract attention and try to convince them that "they say because I like that, is not it?" He got a lot with fans, though there are many negative comments on the internet, no one sent him a letter containing hate speech. He tries to keep all the letters his fans gave him.

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Regarding the CPT performance survey in 2017 and 2018, it is not as good as expected. Bang said he began to think of horror after 2016. "If I continue to live like this, I will die." I even think I have to live like a machine for a long time. When he heard the timetable for the preparation of the Central European tournament in 2017, he felt that his head was about to explode. He felt that the timetable was like hell if they could rest, whether they were machines or not, and then started trying. I asked for help, at that time allowed them to take a break, then they trained less than the other teams, in retrospect it could be "Is not that good?" At that time, his goal was not to win the game as a professional player, but he wanted to take a break, so he called for a break during the middle of the season and his performance began to drop. He began to understand that it was not so, and so he began to look for a way to concentrate, but despite the fact that his performance did not recover, he also got a lot of criticism. I did self-reflection, even if she did not have a break at that time, inevitably it would be the rest, whatever the consequences, she thinks it is its decisive factor.

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Wolf said one or two months in 2017 may be short-lived for fans, but it is impossible to predict for them. During this time, other players are working hard and it's hard to catch up. Their motto is like a "professional player" his motto "Do not do anything he'll regret," but in retrospect it's one of his most sad moments.

Bang said there were lots of teams going on to make progress, and to be able to practice like the Kespa Cup, took part in the middle season, world competition, KesPA and other competitions, almost no rest, had the longest remaining part of the year . This may be the third day or four days of the autumn festival (Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korea).

Wolf said they really do not have time to relax, even in the off season, even if no game is ready, they must continue the exercise. In autumn and KesPA Cup are only three days after the world competition. While the team says, "Your world competition is very good, take a break," but then you say, "Do you think we should at least play some training games?" It really causes you to be rationally disconnected.

Bang said that at that time their laziness was due to their lack of professionalism. He would never have to repeat it, the title of a professional player is very difficult, it is bad to have a professional title and a man to handle. . What he wants to say is that he did not work well because he did not work hard and was not professional. It is normal for a person to feel tired when faced with difficulties and is too obedient to his own humanity and can not blame others.

In the future, Bang said that the working conditions of professional players are improving and improving, which is very attractive for most people, which is very good for him, so he will become a professional player for a long time. Continue to improve his skills, focus on performance and share with fans. Wolf said the process was very hard, as mentioned above. He said he would not do it anymore, it would stop, but then went on signing and this time he really left SKT T1 to start again, but continues as a professional player likes to enter the new environment. Though he is a little frightened, he's ready for another adventure.

In the interview, two people were asked for a place where they thought the other party had changed over the last five years. The Wolf laughed and said that it should be a weight of bang, practicing together, but he walked away in half, and then he heard a lot of people say. Bang reduces the weight, what are you doing? That puts him some pressure and believes that both have improved their weight. Bang said he feels that Wolf is a "growing" feeling and that appearance, knowledge, language, etc. They are steady and mature over the years.

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Wolf is also very grateful to Bengi for his instructions on how to practice as a wild player, even playing the game and Bengi, and he is also grateful to CCarter and Kkoma, and Bang is grateful to all SKTs who helped him improve. A member of the team felt he could not go back to all the old teammates who helped him when he needed help. He also thanked the team for taking care of the player. "SKT is really great," he thanked everyone with SKT. The time when teammates and fans meet is really rare for him.

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If these two meet in the future, Bang laughs and says that if he meets Wolf on the pitch, he will beat Wolf. As a professional player he met many excellent people: "You are very good, I hope you will keep this state, but when I meet in the yard, I will sink you." The Wolf said it was fun to meet in Solo Q on stage … He knew Bang was hating something, so it would be great to make Bang painful.

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