Liberation of the Tsai Ing-wen Tsang Tsui-wen Chen Shuibian national interview, "Call for Death," which invited three former presidents to talk about constitutional reform – ETtoday News Cloud

Liberation of Tsai Ing-wen's "Hang on to Chen" Chen Shuibian national interview, which invited 3 former presidents to talk about the constitutional reform of ETtoday News Cloud

Political Center / Comprehensive Report Yesterday, President Tsai Ing-wen published yesterday's daily national day and called on the continent to play a good role in the region and to propose "four wills", including not to confront confrontation, not conquer concessions, Confrontational confrontation across the Strait does not deviate from public opinion and will not affect Taiwan's sovereignty. In this regard, former President Chen Shui-bian criticized the 11th day, the National Day speech said that equal does not say face-to-face on the mainland does not lead to confrontation and is not subject to retreat, "is not waiting for death?" Bian believes that Tsai Ing-wen interviews seem to add points to the end of general elections It's not big, it's a shame! Chen Shui-bian believes that the current presidential system or dual-arm system, which is in favor of the presidential system, is of course not the best system. Three former presidents, including Lee Teng-hui and Ma Ying-ji, who were simultaneously invited to the current president, are not only the main indicator of reconciliation between the government and the opposition, but also the height of President Tsai's history. He also said that, if President Cai was willing, he would be the first person to complete the reform of the Chinese constitutional system and abolish the two courts. Chen Shui-bian said in his Facebook "New Brave Story," that he believes that President Cai's speech in 2018 on the National Day does not have a very eager or exciting interview and almost did not say anything. Facing the threat of the mainland, not raising the confrontation and not falling back, not waiting for death? Overall, it seems that the end of general elections is not a big plus, it is a pity! Chen Shui-bian said that in the interview of President Caius during the two-day festivities last year, two of them made a great impression. At first, President Cai expressed his gratitude for three presidential presidents, Lee Teng-hui, Chen Shui-bian, and Ma Ying-ji. Three represent different phases of Taiwan's efforts to promote democracy and freedom. The three leading governments have left their political successes for the development of Taiwan, the desire of the previous government to fight for this country is the same. Secondly, President Cai faced the presence of representatives of various political parties in the country and hoped that in the process of promoting constitutional reform in the future he will be able to exchange views with you …

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