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▲ ▼ Facebook shocked a major crash. (Picture / flip photos, downdetector website)

▲ Facebook was shocked and the user's message was blocked and forced to unsubscribe several times. (Picture / flip photobook)

Reporter Ke Peichen / comprehensive report

Facebook and Instagram were shocked in the 20th century in the evening and the disasters spread one by one and made many users laugh! Some users have pointed out that messages on Facebook could not be transmitted. Large stickers not only did not disappear, but they were also often "deregistered" and even contributions were not normal.

As for part IG, reorganization can not be done and sometimes it is normal and sometimes an accident. It is still unclear how many users this is, but the third-party observation platform downdetestra has received more than 3,600 fake reports from 9:00 in the evening. Set the tip of the day.

The horror stories of the major clubs on Facebook appeared, which caused the netizens to say: "+1, you are not alone", "I'm also broken", "hanging, but I'm a Facebook novel", "FB is very bad," Big, I thought my network was interrupted, "I just thought it was a mobile phone problem," and "and the message was interrupted."

▲ ▼ Facebook shocked a major crash. (Picture / flip photos, downdetector website)

▲ The third party platform received a lot of problem reports at 9:00 in the evening. (Picture / downdetector)

▲ ▼ 快讯 / Facebook, IG shocked a major accident! Message delivery failed, forced logout due to network failure. (Photo / explosive commune)

IG also from the package at once. (Picture / flip from Face Book)

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