On the eve of the 9-in-1 election, Chen Jingmin Lin Yuhua was sworn in lawmakers |

Central News Agency / NOWnews
Central News Agency / NOWnews

(Wen Guixiang Central Intelligence Agency, Taipei, 9th). Legislative yuan today organized an inalienable legislator, Chen Jingmin and Lin Yuhua, who sworn in, and Chen Jingmin will pay attention to legislation on the rights and interests of long-term care and nursing staff in the Legislative Committee Yuan Weihuan. .

Zhang Lishan, a candidate of the Yunlin County Magistrate, and Chen Qimai, a candidate for the mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party in Kaohsiung, said they would not be subdivided. The election will be announced on 6th place by Lin Xinbei Lin Yuhua School of Education and Chengda Chen Jingmin's Chemistry Nursing Department. .

Chen Jingmin and Lin Yuhua were sworn in under the oath of Judge Huang Junjun. Judge Su Jiaquan, DPP legislator, Ke Jianming, Zheng Yunpeng, Party Secretary of the Kuomintang Zeng Mingzong, and Wu Zhiyang, Chief Deputy Secretary of the Party, attended the meeting. Party and group representatives gave flowers to give tribute.

Chen Jingmin said that the legislative yuan in 2002 did not have a law-maker with nursing care facilities, and hence will be guarding the nursing profession. The most important law is the law on long-term care and the rights of nurses, especially the Ministry of Health. At a hospital in Taipei there was a fire hospital and the nurse became accused. This issue is very important for nursing care.

Chen Jingmin said he was convinced that the legislators could not believe that they were cooperating with the new government in the south to travel to Chengdu as a long-term international leader and to visit Singapore to prepare for a flight to Thailand and later to get to Thailand, they were told that Chen Qimai must withdraw in advance. Take your office.

Jianming said that Chen Jingmin has a health professional background and is a university professor. After recruiting, she is very confident in her.

Jianming invited Lin Jingyi, deputy director of the DPP legislator, with the background of fosters and gynecologists, for Chen Jingmin to report to the forum.

Lin Jingyi said that DPP currently has doctors, obstetrics and gynecology, dental practitioners and other doctors and nurse practitioners Chen Jingmin already form a medical group. In the long photographic section, Chen Jingmin is very deep in ink, so he is very much expected.

Lin Yihua said that, given that Zhang Lishan is in the Internal Affairs Committee, he can only compensate for the lack of a committee on internal affairs, he is very concerned about the vote in the Committee on Internal Affairs concerning the fundamental rights of citizens and does not affect voting rights people because of working relationships or for various reasons. A period of next year may be supported.

Lin Yuhua said that education is her profession. There are many topics that can be affected, including the support of new curricula and broader co-operation between vocational education and industry, not only that the Ministry of Education may extend to the Ministry of Economy. Relevant ministries and departments, such as the Ministry of Labor, can increase horizontal linkages between ministries and conferences through the role of legislators in order to better cater for the needs of the country and to solve the problem of the gap between industry and education.

Lin Yuhua said that the demobilization of the legislature should not be so fast and thought it would happen after the election. Because he was originally serving in the training office in New Taipei City, in the case of arrogance it was necessary to make a business trip, wrap up and not sleep, so the eyes Sweat, these two days are like snoring, there is nothing to do. (Editor: Lin Xingmeng) 1071109

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