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Sixty percent of patients with self-regulation of AIDS. Infected: shocked to be taken by family

Many people are fascinated by "AIDS" and are "respected from infected". Some surveys have found that 60% of AIDS patients are also discriminated against, and almost half of them often suffer from negative emotions and sleep problems. The Investigation Agency is convinced that the poor mental health of patients is closely linked to the stigma of AIDS. Some infected people are genuinely concerned that their families will be expelled from their homes when they are aware of the illness and urge the government to step up the campaign against AIDS smuggling and to promote the correct knowledge of AIDS. To limit public labeling to infected persons.

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Guanxiong (right) urges the government to allocate more resources to strengthen support for people living with HIV.

The AIDS care NGO visited 102 people infected with AIDS from April to August and found that six adults were sick and self-discriminated and were dissatisfied with their status (46%), tired (64%) and considered to be covered with life. Stain (57%). In terms of mental health, almost half of people said they were affected by negative emotions (46.1%) and sleeping problems (49%).

Infected people are segregated
Care of AIDS Project Manager Li Qilong believes that poor mental health of patients is closely linked to the AIDS stigma because the perception of AIDS patients by the public is negative, exerts pressure on infected people, and admitted that respondents are afraid they will be revealed by their families . "Some respondents lose hope of life and believe that" the infected person has no future and can only wait for death. "Zeng Qiyin, an infectious and infectious disease expert, also said that many people were told they would be separated after the infection because of fear of being discriminated against." Emphasizing support for family and friends is often the "helper grass" of the patient and encourages the public to understand the correct knowledge of AIDS and to engage with the infected person with a positive attitude.

Guanxiong, Manager of the Initiative for Care and AIDS and Community Research, pointed out that infected people can effectively suppress HIV in their bodies by taking only continuous medication. For example, if the bacteria are suppressed for half a year, even if they have sex with others, expand the virus and recommend that the government increase support for the AIDS smuggling campaign and allocate additional resources to treat AIDS patients.

Source: AIDS-Infected Patients Discriminated: Shocked to Be Discharged by Family – 150675

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