Tsai Ing-wen, Lin Zhijian, who appeals to the vote, is very serious.

Central News Agency / NOWnews
Central News Agency / NOWnews

(Central Intelligence Agency Lu Gangjun, Hsinchu City, 10). Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, Tsai Ingwen, arrived in Hsinchu City tonight to try again to elect Mayor Hsinchu Lin Zhijian and said Lin Zhijian had used his political successes to prove , that it is the best choice for the mayor and called on people to continue to support and use voices. A person who is very serious about the matter.

Lin Zhijian was tonight at night at the Ciyun Night Market and the largest number of Hsinchu City and Hsinchu Science Park residents in the largest constituency. On the evening dinner in Ciyun he attended many singers, Tsai Ingwen and executive Dean Lai Qingde and legislator Ke Jianming. The platform that consolidates Lin Zhijian's existing driving force.

Tsai Ingwen's four-year political achievement, Zijian, has confirmed his election as the best choice, and the closer it is to the election day, the more blurred and fake the news, he stresses that the reform can not come back and invites people to they used ballot papers to make things serious. Fair people.

Lai Qingde said he was the mayor of Tainan and knew it was not easy to drive the city of Hsinchu and took the ticket to Hsinchu District Governor Zheng Chaofang and said that Zheng is young and has ideals, just like Lin Zhijian four years ago had two young people Together we can change Daxinzhu's goal. If county and city can cooperate, I believe it's good for Zhuxian County and good for Zhushi Daxinzhu cooperation will benefit Hsinchu County and make Hsinchu City more profitable.

Lin Zhijian said he did not dare to meet the expectations of the public in the last four years, he slept for the city every day, used his life as mayor, the change took place today, political achievements are political views, and political successes are the only criteria for mayoral choice: the difference between Hsinchu City 4 years ago and later, the public is well aware.

Lin Zhijian said that when he cleared the street, he heard people say, "Sure, it's not bad for me." After listening, I was very scared, appealing to everyone to vote for the vote and not have one voice. In the future, we will seek further funding from the central government and Hsinchu City will certainly not be able to return and let Hsinchu City take over the world stage. (Editor: Zhang Mingkun) 1071110

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