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Seventeenth, Kuomintang Chairman Wu Dunyi chose to replace Yuki Yuki, the mayor of Kaohsiung, but was contemptuous of Chen Ju's presidential secretary general, "The Big Sow," which criticized all areas of life. Wu Siyao, DPP lawmaker, was shaking with anger and shouting that he was "destroyed by ignorance and madness in the sphere of inhumanity." The persistent existence of a corrupt Kuomintang party aggravated Taiwanese democracy, Huang Guochang's time legislator also questioned sows, Discrimination requires public apology.

"This is the control of one's life, I do not want to say who it is, fat and nutritious and walk like a big sow." Wu Dunyi, as party chairman, went south to the Kaohsiung Yunlin Association to help South Korea rank 17th. During Yu's speech, he spoke of a fraudulent incident of "foot soldiers" in 2006 that led to the election of mayor and deputy from late investigation committee Huang Junying, who was defeated and released. In Taiwanese language Chen Ju "Big Sow" Also named after the Democratic Progressive Party of Kaohsiung candidate Mayor Chen Qimai was the person who held the press conference that year.

▲ ▼ Wu Dunyi, Kuomintang, three re-North Party celebrations. (Photo / reporter Ou Ting Ting)

▲ Sows said it was sad, Wu Dunyi apologized: I used an adjective unusable. (Information photo / reporter Ou Ting Ting)

Power has said that all of Taiwan is in turbulence Green Commission Wu Silao was angry and criticizing the words and deeds of Kuomintang's ups and downs that have already fallen into flames and madness into the field of "non-humanity." It's a shame on Taiwanese democracy! "Adding Chen Yu is also mentioned that a three-year candidate for Mayor of Lanying Taipei, Ding Shouzhong, also begged before the election to be" the wrong words and actions to sit on four women ".

Huang Guochang's chairman Huang Guochang also called the poem Wu Dunyi and condemned that "you can have any criticism of Chen Ju in public order, but such a serious oath of speech will not only completely miss the style that the opposition party president should have, but he has overcome the public cause of civilized society. "He was asked to take this sentence back and apologize publicly.

Together with Korean party Yu, the star in Phoenix Mountain on September 17 was also angry and criticized. "I'm a little sad." "I'm a little sad." Party Chairman Wu Dunyi, who also helped me, has said something. Very inappropriate, I do not like any election process, I do not use hidden or even personal attacks, I do not want to, I'm not what I want to watch! "I'd rather lose it purely and do not play this choice.

In this regard, the presidential palace said at night that "it is regrettable to see such a crude and vulgar bullying of languages ​​by the chairman of the opposition party to assist in choosing the South Korean Yu," and asked Wu Dunya to apologize. Wu Dunyi, in the middle of the night, was in charge of Zheng Liwen, the Deputy Secretary General of the party who attended a television show, and issued a statement stating that the event he was talking about was in fact old and reminded only competitors that they could use the same Olympic action to influence the election. "That's all the facts, but maybe I'm sorry for the inappropriate adjects I use." But I can not forget the lessons from the car: "Be careful, be careful and be careful."

▲ ▼ 吴敦义 "Fatty AIDS Big Sow" Chaos Shaking: Crazy Crazy Party! Korean cutting Yukang. (Picture / flip photobook)

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