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▲ Yin Enhui (right) returned to the TV series but was criticized for poor performance. (Photo / Iqiyi Taiwan Station)

34-year-old Yoon Eun, who was plagued by popular Korean dramas Miyano Mang and Coffee Prince No. 1 in 2015, eventually returned to the television circle for many years and played in "Heart Alarm," but was featured in the drama Recently criticized by the Korean media, and Yin Enhui even accused Yin Enhui of "the appearance and acting skills can not make people heart."

Renovating Yin Enhui after having plagiarized Yin Chunhao's clothing three years ago, has not been a television series for many years, and this time she starred in "Heart Movement" a big star that started only four episodes, some people said it was "over the top". The show will be scattered and the acting is the same as the "palace" 12 years ago, which means that Yin Enhui has never made any progress. "It can not excite people."

▲ Yin Enhui (right) returns to the TV series. (Photo / Iqiyi Taiwan Station)

Returning Yoon Eun Hye was actually bounced off by a large number of South Korean netizens. When she was at a press conference late last month, she found her lips and nose, of course, knives and then sealed as a "plastic monster." I was caught by the bee and my eyes were on my lips. "It was pointed out that her rich lips were too harsh and the comments were pretty bad.

The media also refers to Yin Enhui as a big star, but compares Quan Zhixian of "You from the Stars" and a famous artist who interprets Xu Xuanzhen, who falls in love with the transformation of a lover and thinks that her acting needs to be strengthened. After the report appeared, in fact, many people refused to report objectively to the media and should not use this message to criticize others.

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