A legal action against the bank for a refund of 1.6 million.

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A young woman sued the bank. The alleged violation of the enforcement contract exceeds 1.6 million defendants who sue the victim is a client of several banks. Later, the call center gang was excluded from applying for internet banking via a smartphone app on villains. Then collect more than 1.6 million cash within 8 days without a bank record. Do not check for unusual money transfers. The civil action sued both defendants with an interest rate of 7.5% per annum.

The young woman sued the civilian bank and called for the money sent to the call center. Revealed at the Civil Court Ratchadaphisek Road on November 15, Thitima Jirapanich, 37, advertising model. Siam Commercial Bank PCL (SCB) and Siam Commercial Bank Asset Management (SCB) are plaintiffs who have not complied with the terms of the agreement. The indictment states that on 15 August 2006 the plaintiff opened a savings account with the defendant at the Ekkamai branch and opened the SCB Easy Card. On 26 June 2007, the applicant launched the Unit Trafficking Service. Investment SCB opens with two defendants at Meng Jai After Pak September 14, 2014, and A bond fund with defendant 2 at Central Rama Branch 9 On June 29, 2559, he opened a savings account with the defendant at Big C – Ratchad. Therefore, it is a defendant professional deposit service, a pension for financial transactions via Internet banking or ECE or Easy Net. It must ensure security, control of access to data. User authentication service. Comply with the law and notices of the Thai Bank. The defendant ignored it. The cause is damage.

In December 2560 there was a crime center here. Scams remove, for example, the applicant's data. The OTPP identity card number Bankers are asking for internet banking via a smartphone app on the bad guy. Entry into a financial transaction with the defendant via the ECC channel. The applicant's money was transferred several times in 8 days from 27 December 2017 to 4 January 2018. Amount of money ranging from 10,000 bahts to 373,000 bahts on behalf of the criminal group. The names of the people who are open to the provinces. Money transfer is abnormal. The defendant did not notice the warning, but later learned to fix the Internet banking system.

The defendant's action As a depositor is a reward. Care should be taken to monitor access to data. I did not use enough. Be less careful than other depositors. The defendant is liable in the amount of 1,670,200 baht of the claimant for lost interest with 7.5 percent annually. The total amount is 1,780,830 bahts. The court decided to mediate on February 16, 62 at 9:00.

That's a good thing. This has happened since the end of last year. I was called call center. I was prosecuted to buy land. Prachuap Khiri Khan First, pretend to be a financial transaction and ask for a verification code for access to a banking banking application. Then you know that. Money deposited with the bank was transferred several times. When asked to return, the Bank has no liability. Go to court today as a public user. I want the bank to have the standard way. Especially if it is found. Unusual transactions You should be prompted or checked with your account holder to avoid damage. Each time you log in to the transaction. The account owner should be a message or an email. But this case will not do anything. I have to check my account to know how much money to lose.

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