A small table of elephants to Thailand is preparing for the Asian Championship – innnews

Army Movement "Little Desktop Elephant War" Thai National Futsal Winner AFF Futsal Championship 2018 in Indonesia. I have traveled to Thailand. With Carousel Airlines Flight 864 at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 9:00 on Monday, November 12, led by Jose Maria Pazas Mendes, or the "Pilipinas" Spanish coach. Team, staff and coaches of 14 players with "Big Plump" Adisak Benjasiriwan. President National Futsal Development and Sarun Rungsakiri as Team Leader. Come to the reception. With all the related athletes. The atmosphere is fun.

"Big plump" Adisak Benjasiriwan. He found this success. "We are very proud to be able to win again at the ASEAN Futsal Championship, the 14th National Team of the Thai National Team, which is the new bloodline of Thai futsal, which shows that we are also number one in Asia. but it was because many countries in ASEAN have developed but we do not watch ASEAN because our goal is to play in Asia and the world, of course, many players in this team will be the main force in the championship ASEAN Continue It will be the team that will compete in the Asian Championship in 2020 and will continue to fight for the World Championship in the same year, which is another goal we have to prepare for this team.

While Sarun Rungkasiri has revealed that "it's a good thing that this team can win, many young players." The experience in this competition is very good and will be the mainstay of Futsal Thailand in the future, and money is not enough to confirm it.

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