Accused of the dead neck in the Kalasin yard bathroom – innnews

Lieutenant Ratchatha Kaewkong Town of Kalasin From the offices of Kalasin province, I was told that there was a suspicion of death of the throat in the bathroom in the room Police Commander Ratchapong Srichan, Director of the City of Kalasin. I went to the scene to say the death of a man. Originally known as Mr. Kitti Sophon, 42, he was a villager from the Khao Wong district in Kalasin province. And he was sentenced to four years imprisonment in the Kalasin prison for about 7 months today, the Kalasin court was detained. The court heard the verdict at 13:00 but committed suicide. With rope straps. It is a device that combines death. Who died in the seated position Officials probably died due to lack of air.

About 12:30 before Mr. Kitti's death. I told the prisoner he would wait until he went to court. Then there was silence for more than 30 minutes until someone else came to the bathroom and did not see the wrong way to view. Before we find that Mr. Kitti used the rope to tie the pants on the seat. The rear of the bathroom door. First Aid Heart Pump. I can not live my life.

45. Mrs. Songnaran of the Kalasin Province stated that his brother had been imprisoned in the Kalasin Prison for drug use. The court sentenced the detainee to a four-year prison sentence, but only seven months. I know the car will be captured and it is expected that hundreds of people will become stressful, so you will combine death that did not attract the cause of death. After the funeral of the body. There will be traditional cremation.

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