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Ajax Hale, before the UEFA Champions League playoffs


Football match UEFA Champions League Arrival to the first round of the "Golden Spur Chicken" play-off Tottenham Hotspur The English Premier League team opened the nest to visit. Chom turned Ajax Amsterdam From the Netherlands

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This game, despite the name of the Spurs class, will be a small guide. But the strength is very bad when both are missing Harry Kane Who was injured and Zon Hong Min A killer from Korea who is blamed

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The first 15 minutes of the game were clearly dominated by Ajax. Before Hakim Zeychesh was trapped by Donny van Debec, he advanced to the finish line to lure the target to Hugo Yoris. Send a 1-0 lead team

After losing the Spurs goal, he hurried for about 32 minutes, Spurs falling apart until the free kick was thrown into the quarterfinal Spurs of Jan Fairtongen. He put in a strike, but met Andre Nana, anus Ajax When the blood buys out Must help and then go back to the field But the symptoms aren't good Due to brain damage Employees had to get out of the field and send Musa of Saxony.

The second half, Spurs began again and dominated the game. Aleax's sequel also made the visiting team to deal with the defenders often, but Ajax took David Nerez in 77 minutes. But the ball unfortunately got to the pole

He finished Ajax, both Real Madrid, in 16 teams and Juventus in Round 8, where the team broke up with a 1-0 victory over Spurs. He will dig in the Netherlands, Ajax House on May 9th

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