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Avengers: An endgame phenomenon that Thai movie fans should remember

At this point, we cannot deny that the Avengers: Endgame is the hottest movie of this decade. Marvel-like viewers and fans We are looking forward to closing the 3rd phase of Marvel Universe We are trying to return and see what happened when the movie was released in our home theater.

1. The cinema is ready to book tickets in advance.

We can call it the golden opportunity of cinema to catch a considerable amount of money in a year. Of course, when the demand for watching this movie is overwhelming, just like in a movie theaterMajor Cineplex and SF Cinema Including many movie chains That's why Avengers have opened: Endgame in advance (similar to booking concert tickets) for a month that was excellent. The good seats are busy and exhausted, especially the first day the movie was released on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, where many cinemas were at the very end!

2. Cinema will create a film phenomenon around 7 pm! Long up to 4 wheels

Major Cineplex Ratchayothin BranchShow the movie! In factory IMAX With the introduction of the Avengers: Infinity War C, which will be shown at 3 am and the Avengers: Endgame show at 6 am. Which is known as the first audience to watch this movie (Not reflected in the media shown on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at Paragon Cineplex at 20:00)

Not only after the first day of the show Those who fear that they will first be exposed to the story Simply put, they are afraid of being hit by spoilers, rushing to the cinema across the country and watching the film. The result is almost all theaters

In addition, the cinema as Major Cineplex, the Ratchayothin Branch (again), which is still a master in creating new statistics constantly in the creation of phenomena about watching movies Added shows from the night of April 24 to the new morning April 25, 2019 with the round 03.50 04.00 04.20 and 04.40.

3. Operation in department stores and the Stanlon cinema is most stuck.

Of course, when all theaters are starting, Avengers: Endgame is furious. Those who came to the mall that day That is a group of people who want to watch movies Making cars run around the clock As a result, parking in some department stores is tight with private cars. Until some normal department stores had never parked their cars like the Suburban Shopping MallEsplanade Ngamwongwan, Kalei SteedCentral Rattanathibet Create a new history (Which is not very pleasant) for these suburban centers

4. Tighten the ear before entering the cinema.

Even though the campaign is from the directorAnthony Russo and Joe Russo Including movie fans who don't want to be "spoiled" stories in social media movies But the scariest thing about getting this movie spoiler is not on your computer screen or mobile phone. But it's an area around the cinema Because the cinema hit the whole show like this They cause people who have just finished watching movies, are spreading all over the cinema and department stores Escalator Bathroom and cinema restaurant is the most dangerous place around "Hear the story in the movie" the most

Nevertheless, after the film was screened for a while there are some groups of audiences based on social media. He began to grow in revealing important information in this movie until he became a tyrant or asked people to curse Or they were arguing about a fight Even a Facebook Page of fans who decides to tell a story in the film is complete Until people on the social scene showed a lot of dissatisfaction K leather spoiler

5. Premiums and souvenirs for collectors

Of course, when the Avengers: Endgame is in the audience's interest. Therefore, the cinema and film camps are joining hands. Make a lot of souvenirs Whether it's a special movie ticket (fixed card, print, movie poster) in a limited number of posters Popcorn set with special design Doll doll costume This can be challenged to prepare money for shopping together almost impossible But how much it is made, still not enough to satisfy the needs of film fans Until some items become popular on the market, and some people speculate clearly when buying!

6.Google dissolves into dust.

We already know that flipping Thanos, wearing an endless stone glove, results in the half-life of the universe lost in the Avengers: Infinity War to welcome the arrival of the Avengers: Endgame. Google adds fun features to users by typing Thanos, which appears below the golden endless stone glove below the Thanos image. When you try to click on the glove, the result is that the content in the open window gradually disintegrates into dust, one by one, almost all But don't be shocked if our computer is infected with spam or viruses. Just press the refresh screen and everything will return to normal. He can try to play together today

That's enough of soaking phenomena. The idea that at a time when the Avengers: Endgame is still appearing, it should create many interesting and unforgettable phenomena for our domestic and foreign cinemas.

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