Before Liverpool’s win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

Liverpool has a front in Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday, November 28, for the English Premier League, a great opportunity for The Reds to apologize for defeating Atalanta in the middle of the week. Champions League group stage group d

In this match, Jürgen Klopp will still have to fight Jordan Henderson’s fitness with Thiaga Alcantara, while Negovi may need a real back. Williams because of Trent Alexander-Arnold. Lack of physical fitness to play at The Amex Community Stadium

At the same time, Adam Lalla will have the opportunity to meet the old team for the first time since leaving the club during the football market in the second round of this summer, so “The Kop” supporters would expect “Lal The old team’s goals will not be used. I hurt the club that gave him the Premier League medal !!!

1. Win Captain Hendo, Thiago will return a great army
Klopp has to worry about something. He’s a midfielder at the moment, because midfielder James Milner, Georgy Jo Wijnaldum and Curtis Jones fought in the middle of the week that he lost to Atalanta. The strength and speed of midfielder Atalanta is not at all, so it is a home that the German boss must quickly repair

Even Brighton players, class names, don’t have to be that strong. But they are a team that plays disciplinedly. And help each other, so Klopp will have to solve problems at the moment, but if the “Reds” Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara on the field at the same time. This problem can be alleviated.

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

In fact, Milner and Wijnaldum fought so hard that their physical condition began to wear out, while Jones was not consistent. Especially in the match with the famous team in Bergamo, so Klopp wanted “Hendo” and Thiago to help a lot to control the game, while Naby Keita continued to hope for fitness.

Remember, there is Adam Lallana in Brighton, who has been a key former Reds player for many years, so he knows how to play the old team. The important thing is that the current line-up of midfielder Lallan has had the opportunity to play together before. It is therefore not uncommon for a person to read from his old friend

2. Time 4 Miracles are coordinated again.
Although the game “Seagull” may not have a strong performance, the outdoor game Klopp must focus on every moment. It is therefore not uncommon for him to organize the most aggressive group of players in the hope of collecting three points and temporarily overtaking the Spurs to the top of the deck.

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

Therefore, this match would be watched by the followers of “The Kop” 4 wonders: Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Deo Chota at the same time on the field. Where will Klopp keep all four? That’s a really nice thing, because if Firmino was interrupted, the rest of the three was very hot.

But if we look at the results at the moment, Chota is considered the most form, so it is highly likely that Mr. Big Blood Doyts decides to give him the opportunity to act as a target. League in 7 matches.

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

While “Mo Salah” and Mane continue to act as an offensive line. Due to speed A, his agility should be easy to manage in home defense and Firmino, although he has a scoring problem, is ideal for his top skills to kick the ball into the offensive line.

3. The rear four worked again.
The Reds’ backup four are obviously unsure at this time due to recent injury problems, so they are unable to maintain a strong defense as last season. It can play the game very tightly until it helps the team successfully win the Premier League title

The absence of Fergil van Dyk and Joe Gomez for months was devastating, despite Joel Matip’s defensive role, but he lacked a center partner. Know Until then, he can only be responsible for playing with the defender Fabinho necessary.

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

In the past, they both did their job well. However, there is still no guarantee that they will be able to maintain their condition due to the fact that they will play for three days of play, of course there is a high risk of further injury from the track. time

As for the extreme defender, looking to the left, Andrew Robertson is still an absolutely indispensable player for Klopp. He always manifested himself in the form of playing without knowing the word “fatigue”. Especially in the game he lost to Atalanta the lack of a Scottish star Play really The game on the left was completely ineffective.

He is most worried about the right, because Trent Alexander-Arnold. I still have a problem with a calf injury. He’s unlikely to help the team, so Klopp decided to play Neco Williams, but in case he gave Milner’s name for him, there might be some other options. At Henderson or Thiag, or they’re both fit, otherwise Klopp will never have a seasoned footballer as a defender.

4. Alice Song’s 100th game will be beautiful or hurt.
Time flies for Alesson Becker, from his transition from Rome to his post at Anfield in 2018, his contributions to Liverpool fans. I feel very good. Because before that, the head of the Brazilian Dan will come to play for the “red”. How many goalkeepers do not know how many people make “The Kop” followers, they must be regularly afraid.

In the match outside, Brighton will serve as Liverpool’s last defender. It’s the 100th game, so it’s a very meaningful match for you. It also shows that Alice is one of the key players who influenced the performance of “The Reds”.

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

There were many matches where Liverpool missed the goal of the Brazilian national team. Serves to protect the rod Teams tend to hurry The team had to use especially Adriana standing in front of the door frame. There are many moments that football fans must breathe every time an opponent starts the game to attack the penalty area.

So in the 100th game, Alice would of course want a beautiful result. To be an impulse to move forward with a stick so that the team can continue in the future.

5. Raising awareness back to the world of the Premier League
Many people may think that Liverpool may be tired because they have just fought hard in the middle of the week with Atalant in the UEFA Champions League at Anfield. But for “The Kop” followers and “Reds” players, they see it as a good opportunity to make excuses. And regain consciousness

The defeat of Atalanta caused the face of “The Reds” to lose its reasonable center. The effect may extend to the next league match to visit “The Seagulls”, but it is expected that this work would like to apologize to the team of manager Jürgen Klopp from the defeat. Painful loss in the game in the middle of the week To restore the confidence and faith of football fans

Before Liverpool's win in Brighton, Tiago hit the center panel to win Hendo

It is also important to call consciousness. And the confidence to be ready for the Champions League to welcome a visit to Ajax in Amsterdam at Anfield. In the big battle for the European Cup Next Tuesday Which means a lot Because they want to win only 1 match out of 2 matches in the group stage, Group D will guarantee their elimination qualification.

So if the “Reds” can break through and collect 3 points, their excitement and encouragement will be full again. Which will have a positive effect on future matches, especially in the league game, which will be addressed by Wolves, Wanderers, on Sunday, December 6, where he will give fans a gift. To welcome their first return to the stadium after more than 8 months.

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