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"Bottsa" is an amazing form. "Azerbaijan Grand Prix"

Valtree Botts, Finnish driver of Mercedes AMG Racing, won F-Day. "Azerbaijan Grand Prix" was successful …

Foreign news agencies announced on April 28 that the Formula One World Cup 2019, 4th Field "Azerbaijan Grand Prix" at Baku Street Circuit, Baku, Country. Serbia Last Sunday There is a final competition

The results showed that the Finnish racer Valtree Botts from Mercedes AMG team entered the finish line for the first time, with Lewis Hae following 1 hour 31 minutes 52,942 seconds. Milton, world champion last season from the same team Time after 1,524 seconds and 3rd place Sebastian Vettel, German racer from the team. Ferrari after 11,739 seconds

Driver rating

1. Waltree Botts (Finland, Mercedes) 87 points

2. Lewis Hamilton (United Kingdom, Mercedes) 86 points

3. Sebastian Vetel (Germany, Ferrari) 52 points

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