Deputy Head of Ang Thong Hospital. There are drugs in humans.

Secondhand Ang Thong Hospital. There are medicines to treat people. And for patients only 1 part 4 of the medicine and the patient detail every day …

If in Ang Thong there is a doctor Patients related to buy medication to take a dog. Then mix it with water and fill the patient with the hose. Quotation is a medicine used to treat worms in the liver. Before the patient is centered and exhausted your heart. But the symptoms worsened and died the following day.

November 9th at the meeting room on the 5th floor of the Ang Thong Hospital. Dr.Darunee Ngapphupan, Deputy Medical Director This disease was reported to Mr. Poutě, 60, who was a patient who took a parasite. Keep drug A in patients with only 1 part of 4 medication due to patients with gas. And use respirators. Cure to the stomach. Before relatives bring the patient home. And he died later.

Mr. Sawang has a history of kidney disease, grade 4 hypertension, and October 26 at 5 pm, the patient has arrived in a diarrhea hospital for 2 days with low blood pressure. And blood in the blood. And acute renal failure. The doctor then sleeps in the hospital. Give antibiotics to treat infections in the bloodstream. And a physiological solution to promote blood pressure.

October 27 patients with abnormal heart rhythm abnormally 160-170 times per minute. Which is round. Appears in humans and animals. The doctor is treated according to the standard by taking a parasite.

On October 28, doctors examined patients for gas. Insert the cord into the stomach of the patient to remove air and water from the stomach. And antibiotics

On the 29th day the doctor examines the patient. Top Gasity The doctor added another antibiotic and found a complication. It is a very rapid irregular heartbeat rhythm, so medication for the heart.

On October 30, the doctor examined the patient's blood. Hemangiomas in the blood. And blood infection. And also diarrhea. The patient is treated with blood platelets, thrombocytes.

On October 31, patients are breathing faster. Make a quick heartbeat. No Response to Treatment The Doctor changed the treatment plan. Transition to antibiotics. Consider arranging the worm. Patients with asthma. Enter the respirator at 17:30.

At 18:00 on the same day, the drug was given a parasite. Because patients enter the airways. Only a quarter of patients receive a dose of 200 mg, which is less than 1 in 4 because the patient can not take the medicine. Due to bloating.

8.30 pm Patients with low blood pressure. The doctor gave the medication to increase pressure at 22.00, the patient was restless. The doctor ordered the pulmonary radiograph. Excessive water in the lungs, pneumonia, water in the lungs.

On 1 November 61, the patient was stabilized. Before a cardiac arrest at 14:00, the doctor rescues and heals the symptoms.

On November 2 at 10:00, the patient is unconscious. The doctor once again explained the symptoms and conditions of the illness. Bring the patient back home. And later he died at home.

English Ang Thong Hospital will visit to see the encouragement and Mrs. Prapaporn Ketma or Aunty others.

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