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After designing a sports box. It was pushed to prevent children under 12 years of age from being boxed, the general director of the Children and Youth Affairs Department. It's not just a 12-year-old boy who forbids boxing. Play children under the age of 18 if it is a boxing match. Applies to children. Equal child labor is the abuse of children.

Director General of the Child Development Unit I'm sorry. Bad child protection
Director General of the Child Development Unit I'm sorry. Bad child protection

Today (November 20, 61), journalists reported that Mr. Somkid Somsri, Director General of Children and Youth Affairs Department, after hearing access to supervision. And to prevent the unnatural death of children in the case of boxing, which was designed for the relevant agencies. In preparing the Child Protection Act, respect the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The meeting disagreed with a boxing boy. Because children have a duty to study. No money to support the family. And that his friend's money is also against the 2003 Children's Protection Act, which means he applies to children under the age of 18 and therefore warns the boxer that if he breaks. Offenses against child labor include family children. Regardless of whether the boy is boxed with consent.

Director of the Youth Affairs Department said that children are being copied Unlike the International Labor Organization No. 2 Convention, Thailand is a Contracting State 138 of the Minimum Age Allowed for Employment in 1973 with a minimum age of 15 years. They must have standard and standard means of protection. But what is disturbing. Many times the box is used as a money-making tool. And used for gambling The problem is that government agencies need to find a solution. And create clear conditions. What are the limitations of sports boxing?

Progress in the investigation of boy Anucha Tasaka or Diamond Mongkol S. Wilai Thong boxer 13 years old who died of cerebral hemorrhage. After knock knock knock. The Director-General of the Children and Youth Department said the results of the trials had already been issued. Prepare a press conference this week. I'll be with you. She is currently waiting.

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