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Find N95's 500 Pieces to Buyer – Win, Bang Na. | Daily News

Because of the weather, dust is higher than the standard in Bangkok and its surroundings. It has become a trend for N95 masks that could prevent this dust from being scarce Just as the current demand for managing such issues in related organizations in the online company One of them will appear on Facebook @Kamonkan Kuldichaphong Posted by a message based on finding a big the amount of N95 mask for distribution to people on the Bang Bang market as well

In that case, Last January 14, reporters "Daily News Online" You have the opportunity to speak Kamolkarn Kuldishapong or Som, 30, CEO of Play Communication Consulting Co., Ltd. The Contributor said this by observing the dust situation and seeing that people near the body worsened the effects of dust This would affect long-term health But still do not see any agency that would be uniquely responsible Both are great problems that affect people at all.

"We see people around us, be they friends, relatives or office children, are getting sick due to dusty effects The office is near the Bangna market Which is a high risk area of ​​dust It has caused us to fear Uncle Khuna Tetu, a merchant in the Bangna area near the office That he must sell out Including motorcycles who have to be on the road That's almost no dust protection The fact that they buy N95 masks that are now starting to raise prices It's quite difficult even for low-income people. he will have a sister We also find ways to avoid it But he cared about the person who was pregnant but had to live with the dust If the future was born he was a child with an abnormality And who would demand responsibility with whom? Wait for the government to review the city's management Basic Transport Structures Industrial pollution control Reduce import tariffs for electric vehicles and many other questions. It seems longer than this We will just complain and not help. So I want to try to prove our PRs are a benefit to society. Even if it helps at the end of the incident It's better than we do nothing. "

In addition, "Khun Som" also added that Usually people who post, queries or share stories on Facebook Who is lucky to have friends on Facebook always receive responses to comments that are familiar and this time With an older model that helps contact a pharmacy He told him honestly that he wanted to buy and distribute other people. A total of 300 pieces for a cost of about 20 baht per piece, which will be collected on January 18, was found to be given on that day with his N95 mask along with a normal medical mask With an infographic brochure for easy understanding of the dust Which set a special budget for purchasing a mask for ten thousand baht during the day before distribution Will decide to buy more As far as infographics are concerned, shared knowledge can be shared. Find the information and make it "The purpose of distributing our tiles N95 together with common hygienic masks and brochures He did not do it because he wanted to be aloud But he wanted to see the person he sees as dust Attention was paid Only a few people he was interested in until he got his danger and then told them This time we are happy and we find it useful. " Khun Som said that the end …

Thanks to pictures and information from @Kamonkan Kuldichaphong

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