"Good" Thai economy strengthens – innnews

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiv, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, chaired the opening ceremony "The country's economic growth in the third quarter has risen to 3.3 percent, which was lower than expected." The domestic economy is still strong, reflecting consumption in the last three quarterly growth, the first quarter rose by 3.7 percent, the second quarter increased by 4.5 percent and the third quarter increased by 5 percent.

In addition, public sector spending has risen, including both public and private investment. Investments continued to expand and in the first quarter they increased by 3.4%. 3.7% and 3% increased by 3.9%. Factors that led to poor economic growth in the third quarter were the decline in exports and tourism. This is an external factor and a factor that accelerates Thailand. In particular, the decline of Chinese tourists. The problem is resolved continuously. He is also convinced that the growth of the domestic economy this year at 4.2% is considered a satisfactory figure.

. It also turned out that the global economy is fluctuating due to the unclear trade war between China and the US. Emerging markets are troubling and capital outflow is volatile. Indefinite Government has prepared policies. Make the economy stronger. Through projects such as large state investment projects or the EEA, the project is clear. Early in the year. To make it clear. Supporting the global economy is ridiculous.

Increasing domestic purchasing power By reducing costs, you can buy more money. Especially farmers. The government is accelerating the problem of lowering prices for agricultural products, including rubber, palm oil. Measures to promote tourism and raise funds for low-income people

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