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Gopro delivers unlimited cloud storage to GoPro Plus members. The same quality is only 179 bahts

Only 179 bahts per month, unlimited tacos buffet Streaming TV Or organizing excursions to explore the world is not enough If you are applying for membership GoPro Plus Getting the latest development GoPro users receive unlimited cloud storage. Do not compromise the quality of videos or photos Which is another important step in this area

Nick Woodman The GoPro chairman and founder said: "GoPro cameras are often used to collect the valuable experience of our users and GoPro Plus, they can feel that these memories and experiences are being collected.

Just like a GoPro Plus member, your videos and photos will be sent to your Cloud Backup smartphone. With no need to connect your GoPro to your computer or purchase a new SD card, you save money saving time

In addition to adding space for storing video format information, this GoPro Plus also offers special membership offers. Discounting for GoPro Mount and other accessories, from 20% to a discount of up to 50%, members can go GoPro from experiment and experience from a new perspective. Easier

Custom Unlimited Cloud Space Are you ready to find discounts on GoPro.com and other GoPro Plus features at a cost of 179 baht per month:

  • "You break it, we change it" guarantees the camera without answering questions. (US users only Ready for membership service in other countries this year)
  • VIP members receive special privileges for various aspects of support. Over the phone and chat before someone, my friend

Today's GoPro Plus members around the world can now enjoy many benefits. For new users, they can register for a free trial for 30 days.

Learn more about GoPro Plus, details and camera change specifications. Accessory discount Additional benefits You can view at www.gopro.com

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